Kahuna Beach Resort & Spa, La Union

Whenever there is a chance & our (but mostly their) busy schedule allows, the Super Friends (a.k.a. Patay Gutom Gang coz we EAT a lot haha!) try to get together as much as we can.

For this christmas break, the group decided to go up to Baguio.. then go down to La Union for some water fun coz they are such water whores.. then go back up to Baguio.. before coming back home. All in a span of FOUR DAYS. Can you spell T-I-R-E-D??? Coz that’s what I am! @_@ VERY.

For our La Union trip, my Honey (Yes. Him) was designated (AGAIN -I don’t know why he’s always tasked to do this when clearly he is not of sound mind when it comes to accommodations hehe!) to book the resort. Do you remember our Philpan adventure??? I SWORE I would never set foot again anywhere my hunny bunny books us in. Well, I’m happy to say that he has redeemed himself this time & has gained back SOME of my trust! :P

Kahuna Beach Resort is a traveler’s paradise. From it’s Balinese-inspired cottages & surroundings to the beach front surfing area, it’s truly a water paradise. And that’s saying a lot coming from me hehe coz you know how arte my standards are. The staff were very pleasant & welcoming. Although the service in the restaurant could stand some improvement (the wait for food EVERY SINGLE MEAL TIME was waaaayyyy toooooo looong!).

The registration area.
Excited kids! ;P
The duplex cottage that houses 2 rooms each.
We just got the least expensive room (Garden view room 5,265k net).
Super sulit! m/
Our room comes with 1 queen bed in an air-conditioned room with flat screen tv, mini ref, in-room safe & a spacious bathroom, and a complimentary (plated) breakfast for 2..
We just had to bring airbeds, extra pilows & bedding for the 3 kids.
And re-arrange/relocate ALL the furniture in a major, major way! ;))

If you’re not traveling on a budget, they provide cots for an extra 1,465k net (inclusive of breakfast)
The next room upgrade (Ocean/Pool View room) is 7,020k net that has a king-sized bed.
A suite costs 9,360k net.
A rest house costs 26,325k net.
Click HERE for the complete room accommodations.

The lush greenery that surrounds each cottage.
5k is really such a steal.
Thank you Hunny Pie for booking us here! m/
The infinity pool.
From our cottage going out.
The dining area, coming from the pool going out.  
Tents where you can rent surfboards & get lessons.
Black but powdery sands.
Yay, no need for beach shoes! ;)
Listening intently to the instructor before going to the big blue OPEN sea! @_@
Yes.. mommah was VERY nervous!
Trying out their boards..

Yay! m/ my babyson gets up on his first try! GALING!!!
Aba. Hindi rin nagpatalo si Senior ko!
Thank you BALUT. Pangpa-lakas ka talaga ng tuhod hehe! ;))

Sexy ladies! ;) 
My gorgeous girl! <3
Girls just wanna have fun. ;P 

The Gang.
Lavinia & I aren’t here. We were cooling off on the car.
Obviously, the beach is not our thing hehe! :P 
The men in my life. <3
Dad & ate playing in the sunset. <3

Coincidentally, it was also Noel’s birthday last friday. So we celebrated his birthday & the kids all presented him with a cake & gift. I hope we made his day! ;)

Led by the kuya of the group, the kids sang Noel the birthday song bearing a cake & gift. :)

Wearing the rash guard from all the kids. <3
Happy happy birthday, Noel!
May God shower you with all His mightly blessings from heaven above! :-*

You can definitely see in the kids’ faces the pure enjoyment when they are in the water. How do you beat that??? :P Basta lang mr. shark, please stay away!

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