Judith’s Lunch Treat

Our friend Judith took a short leave of absence to rest from her very busy & hectic schedule, and also to spend some QT with her hubby & 5 kids for her birth-week celebration. She’s been coming home late most days & she’s a little burnt out from her ever demanding job. It’s times like this that I’m so glad I can choose to be a stay-at-home mom. I don’t think I can handle the stress in her level of work.

Yesterday, she treated us out to a leisurely lunch at China Palace in Tagaytay Highlands in early celebration of her birthday. She prepared a string of day-long activities for the SFs. I’m thinking she must have really missed us THAT much, haha.

Sweet & Sour soup, my absolute favorite! m/ 
Beef Hotpot
Seafood Noodles
Salt & Pepper Pork
Assorted Vegetables
Hot Prawn Salad
With the power couple.
Thank you for a lovely lunch!!! <3
Braised chicken with eggplant
Steamed Fish 
Mango Sago
Old camwhores! ;))

Passed this on our way out. Buti nalang pinayagan kaming lumusot. Ang haba kaya!!! @_@

And because we had a “driver’ haha, afford namin ni Kap mag-HHWN (holding hands while napping)! :P

Hitched a ride with our ate Marita & kuya Rolly.
Sarap ng buhay namin! :P

Jojo took us along on his job sites in Punta Fuego, Batangas. To while our time away whilst waiting for him to finish his rounds, umikot kami at namitas muna si Kap ng duhat -buti hindi kami hinuli ni mamang guard, zOMG! @_@ He hasn’t eaten duhat daw for so long that he really couldn’t contain himself. Ang lekat, nawili! :P

Ginutom sa kapipitas, we stopped by & ate halo-halo and BBQ on our way back..

In fairness.. masarap at malambot sya.
Happiness with my one true love! <3

And because we are such hungry gators & BBQ is simply NOT enough to satisfy our grumbling tummies, we headed to Nuvali for a very very late dinner.. So late that only LZM (by sisters Luzviminda-Zenaida-Manolita) was open. Actually, it was closing but we begged & begged until we were allowed to enter! Ganun kami mukhang ka-gutom! :P

Our driver, yaya, bodyguard, and assistant, lel-JK! ;))
Chicharong Bulaklak 270 php.
To. Die. For. !! <3 <3 <3
Sizzling Sisig 270 php
Bulalo 450 php
Kare-kare 430 php
Bangus 400 php
Crispy Pata 450 php
Happy gators! ;P
Everything was wiped out. Walang take-home! ;))

And because it is Judith’s birthday, and she was a mermaid in her past life, we booked Vista Apalaya again for the weekend -all 6 rooms this time. Fortunately Unfortunately, ate has an activity in school this weekend, so we 3 girls are exempt from going. Yay! m/ Too bad. Maybe next time! ;P

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