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Regine’s super colorful bracelets always attract me whenever we meet. One day, I just couldn’t help myself & my hand slowly crept out to touch those lovely beads. “Ay bawal!! ” She shrieked. Huh?? I was confused. Normally Regine is so generous, I though hmp, ang swapang naman, ayaw ipa-touch?! ;)) Then she explained that those are Joy Lim charm bracelets and have been “blessed/cleansed”. Only the wearer can touch it (and family).. nobody else.

Here are her mag-kabilaang bracelets, the left & the right. Hold them up high, so clean & bright!!! ;)
Hindi namang gaanong sosyal itong friend ko..  naka PANERAI (starts at $10k!!!) <3
Gusto ko ding yumaman, Lord!!! ;)) 
Ultimate love bracelet. Starts at 6.8k for the MOST BASIC one.
This is NOT basic. Double stranded like this costs 8.8k & above.
Charms: roses, mandarin ducks (male & female), pink quartz
Parang ang sarap kasi kagatin yang mga red luscious beads!!!
If you still don’t know JOY LIM (really??) She is the owner of Charms & Crystals. The FENG SHUI guru. Kris Aquino’s BFF hehe (get it??).

Anyway, I’m like a child. If you say “don’t touch”, the more I want to touch! So I begged & begged Reg to invite Joy Lim to an afternoon tea for a private viewing (and LOTS of touching!!). Yes, that’s how curious I got about the “magic” bracelets. And as always, my dear Reg didn’t disappoint.

Yesterday, she blocked off a portion of Le Petit Cheri’s 2nd floor for our “consult” with Joy Lim. Yes, ganyan ka-abilidad si Reg. She can invite anyone just about anywhere! ;) Imagine, the very busy & popular Joy Lim, came to US. Sosi kami, diba? m/

Ricaaaaa!! “Borrowed you picture ha??? :)
Function room at the 2nd floor of Le Petit Cheri which Reg so fabulously spuced up..

The ladies tried on these assorted bracelets brought by Joy’s franchisee, Harold. A simple bracelet costs about 6.8k. More for the elaborate ones (Reg’s new bracelet costs 15.8k). They are said to bring good/positive energy to the wearer. Me? I’m more attracted to the colorful charms & big dangling thingamajigs like the kiat-kiat.. ang sarap kagatin!!

The ladies.. :)
The bracelets.. $$$
Some of the ladies.. half left na coz Joy came late & they had previous appointments pa. Sayang.
Reg & Joy Lim :)
Reg’s ULTIMATE 2013 bracelet. 15.8k!!! @_@
As in lahat ng charm na pwedeng isaksak, nandiyan na haha!!

Can you see the orange Kiat-Kiat??? YAN ANG GUSTO KO!!!
Along with the roses & mandarin ducks.
More for aesthetic ang talagang habol ko haha.

Being born under the zodiac sign rooster, I learned I should wear more of aqua blue & yellow this year. Bawal anything red (zOMG I just died my hair RED!!).

2013 Forecast for the Rooster

1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 and 2017
The luck of the rooster has been mixed as of late. In 2011, it seemed that luck was present in its extreme forms, whether good or bad. Then in 2012, Lady Luck favored you greatly. There was an abundance of money and opportunities.

Money was drawn to you in 2012 but not it looks like you are prone to losing money. 2013 looks to be a dangerous year for you. You are more vulnerable to physical harm and robbery. You are at a risk of losing your investment and it is not recommended that you invest in new businesses.

Roosters should make sure that they are well protected against people with mean intentions. Business owners should see to it that their places of business are safeguarded with all kinds of protection to prevent loss.

Roosters are encouraged to lie low this year. And work hard not to lose their temper, and practice patience to avoid getting into fights.

The rooster should not worry too much though. Partnering with the dragon will help the rooster a lot. The dragon would be a must-have item for you in 2013. The snake can also help out.
Let’s just pretend I was born in 1981, lels.
Any dragon or snake people out there? PARTNER WITH MEEEEE!!! ;)

Here are some of the crystals & their meaning. Remember, Joy says they just “help”. God is still the ultimate protector & provider. This is not a paid advertisement, in kind or in form. (I WISH!!!)


Excellent for tissue regeneration. Toning and strengthening the physical body. Encourages self-expression, promotes emotional balance and peace of mind. Aids circulatory and respiratory systems. Enhances psychic abilities, communication, balance, friendship, and loyalty. More potent when surrounded by gold. You should always be given this stone and not purchase it yourself.


Aids pancreas, spleen, tissue regeneration and sleep. Strengthens heart, circulatory system, pineal and pituitary glands. Enhances expression, patience,    physical endurance, inner peace, intuitiveness and emotional clarity. Reduces stress and tension. Reveals subconscious blocks releasing old, limiting patterns. Used to treat asthma, arthritis, tumors and torn  muscles.


Excellent for tissue regeneration. strengthening kidneys, colon, liver, back problems, gall bladder, digestive organs and heart. Detoxifies body and enhances healing. Raises self esteem, helps in making decisions and staying positive, mental clarity in communication. Encourages creativity and gives strength and courage. Fulfilling, uplifting, lightheartedness, hope, energizing. Attracts abundance.


Rose Quartz

Stone of love, peace and contentment. A healer for internal wounds. Aids kidney, migraines and circulatory systems. Increases fertility. Helps clear stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy. Reduces stress, tension and cools tempers. Enhances self-confidence and creativity. Promotes love, forgiveness and compassion. Use where there is disharmony and anxiety.

Lapis Lazuli

Strengthens skeletal system. Activates thyroid gland. Releases tension and     anxiety. Enhances strength, vitality, virility, creative expression mental clarity, psychic abilities and   communication with Higher Self and spirit guides and brings your angels closer. Eases depression. A balancer on all levels. Possibly should not be worn for long periods of time (use you own intuition).


Energizes blood, aids kidneys, lungs, liver, gall bladder, lower back, reproductive and  cleansing organs, depression and helps tissue regeneration. Warming and joyous. Good for people who are absent-minded, confused and unfocused. Aids concentration, motivation, clarity of mind, meditation,  memory, self-confidence, peace, harmony. Assists in past life exploration.


Enhances patience, mental and emotional clarity, inner joy, happiness, sleep, and confidence. Accelerates personal growth. Opens new doors of opportunity. Aids stress, tissue regeneration, depression, cleansing of organs, heart digestion and jealousy. Overall balancer and tonic for body and mind. Increases intuitive awareness.


Balancing, grounding, energizing. Helpful for blood and breathing disorders,   circulation, stress, heart, spleen, and backache. Enhances personal magnetism, optimism, will, courage,  self-esteem. Excellent all round healer that draws illness from the body. Powerful stone for those attracted to it.


Excellent for meditation. Calming peaceful providing clarity and focus. Enhances creativity, intuition, inspiration, motivation, healing, divine love and memory recall. (Take it to exams!) Helps sleep and relieves headaches and balances and soothes an over-active mind. Aids channeling, psychic and spiritual awareness.


Emotional balancer. Helps lessen the tendency to over react emotionally aligning emotions with Higher Self. Aids the birthing process, water retention, obesity, female problems (hormonal and menstrual) and relieves anxiety and stress. Unblocks the lymphatic system


Enhances strength (in the face of adversity). self-esteem, imagination, creativity, courage, confidence, patience and compassion. Aids the maintenance of blood circulation and mental depression. Provides a sense of grounding in times of change and upheaval. Promotes balance and a calming effect when everything seems chaotic. Overall body system tonic.

Thank you so much Reg, for such an enlightening afternoon. And we all enjoyed the meryenda, haha!

Oh yes, ate! I’m wearing my trusty fitflops! :P
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Maraming salamat po! <3
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