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Jojo & Vero, For Better or for Worse!

There’s this couple who has been playing badminton in our court for the past 5 years, maybe more. Yes, probably more. Anyway, they’ve been together for over 10 years. So their love life & single status is a standing joke among all the players there (most of the players know each other already & they have formed a close camaraderie). They always get asked “kailan ang kasal“, to their chagrin. Sure, there have been attempts at proposals, pero hindi matuloy-tuloy for one reason or another.

Jojo & Vero. Husband & Wife. Finally! <3

A couple of weeks ago, we got an invitation. HOMAYGAS!!! Totoo na!! They were finally getting hitched! <3 No one was more excited than us. We have seen so many romance bloom in our court. We have attended many a weddings of our players. Sila-sila nagiging magsing-irog, ninang, ninong, abay, emcee, etc. That’s how close knit they have become through the years.

Vero was one bridezilla with a DVD guide for her guests. :)

My Kap devised a playing system in our court, you see. It’s called QUEUEING. A player doesn’t have to form a quorum in order to play badminton. He just shows up every night at around 7pm, pay 100 pesos, provide a shuttlecock or two, and he gets matched & set with other single players who also don’t belong to a particular group. They get to play as many time as they want with rotating opponents & partners until 12 midnight. Then there’s always a nightly pica-pica after the games which fostered close relationships among the players.

This is just one of the many groups of friendship formed. This is the T-TH night group. :)

While Vero & Jojo belong to the M-W-F night group. There are also morning groups subdivided as well. Yes, business is good hehe.

Anyway, 2 wednesdays ago, garbed in luxe bohemian ensemble as requested by the bride & groom, Kap & I drove to Hillcreek Gardens in Tagaytay to witness this looooong-delayed union! <3

Their reception was very well attended.
It was a double wedding so it was DOUBLE the guest size.

Too well attended that this was all that was left by the time we got to the buffet table, lels. :P

So we carbo loaded. With even more carbs for dessert. :))

And this is how crazy these badminton people are! Beautiful photobombers with me & the lovely bride. ;))

Congratulations & Best Wishes, Jojo & Vero! <3

and also to the other bride & groom who we don’t know haha.

Wishing you the joy and happiness that marriage brings, Remember to kiss every night when the sun sinks. May the love you express today always be a strong suture. That holds you together during any hard time in the future!

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