Johnny Rocket

As part of my quest to try out ALL the new restaurants in town, we visited Johnny Rocket yesterday since Jamba Juice was too full.

The interior is so cute -diner style. Similar to Mr. Jones. The price on the menu was kinda steep. But we decided to go ahead anyway, just to cross it off my bucket list ;P

The burgers cost almost 500 php & above, so I thought it would be huge. I was disappointed with the size though. Brother’s Burger serves bigger burgers, definitely. But I guess you pay for the ambience. We loved the shakes. Kinda thick, but good.. & rich! I could feel calories piling up with every slurp haha.

The servers were dancing & singing as we entered. I think they do it every 30 minutes or so?
Cute outfits! :)
20’s coin changer as props. Too cute!
And a faux mini-juxebox. I want!!!
My hungry hippos…

Chicken Tenders 245 php 
Bottomless fries with every entree
Boston burger which ate & I split, thinking it would be huge.
The patty was really thin.
Enjoying his strawberry milkshake. 215 php
Really thick strawberry milkshake. Straw was useless. Yummy though.
Vanilla milkshake 215 php 

You may have noticed that I’ve been lazy blogging lately. Do bear with me. Summer has it’s effects! ;))

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