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Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimp House

We got to Resorts World just in time for lunch before the #YTFF conference at the Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel Manila. We were thinking of having a quick sandwich & soup stop at Maxim’s but something was wrong with their air-conditioning unit. So though we were pressed for time for the YouTube Fan Fest Meet & Greet registration, the girls & I decided to just go for a substantial lunch & cast worries aside.

Lucky for us, this was the resto that greeted us after going up the escalator in Resorts World. We have eaten at ALL the places there & nothing really spoke volumes to us, so this new Hawaiian resto was a welcome change.

I have to warn you though, that they are still NEW. Meaning you need some patience in dealing with the staff and the kitchen. But other than that, everything else seemed fine. There was just a bit of a wait but they’re on their soft opening so its understandable.

Anyway, we were excited for some Hawaiian fare, and mighty hungry too might I add, having skipped breakfast. This was gonna be a BIG lunch for 3 hungry gals!

Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimp House

2/F Resorts World Manila, Newport Mall, Newport Blvd. Domestic Airport, Pasay
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Shrimps! Who says no to shrimps! <3



Keeping updated with the YouTube FF happening online. Reeelaaaax. Vloggers lang yan. Ako Blogger ayaw nyo ba??? :P



Chop Chop Salad 320 php. Reeeally lacked dressing. And taste. And everything else. For 320++ php we were expecting to be wowed actually.



Now this was a winner! \m/ Southern Cajun Shrimp Bucket (good for 2) 475 php. Spicy just the way I like it. A bit overcooked & not so fresh as the skin stuck to the meat. But the rest made up for it – to hungry gals at least. My Lovey’s Kimchi Fried Rice (R) & my Hawaiian Rice (L).




Combination Platter 1 of grilled beef, pork & chicken. Comes with 2 sidings (our fried rice) 800 php.



But the real winner was this Grilled Samoan Squid 490 php. Or Pusit Lumot. The salsa was also tangy & refreshing as palate cleanser. I LOVE the black rice stuffed into these babies. Added a squeeze of lemon & I was in squid heaven. <3



And there’s the squid ink rice. Noms!



I had a choice between this Pineapple Pie 225 php or the Coconut Pie. Maybe I should have gone for the latter. I don’t know.

After a quick lunch, the girls & I parted ways. They went off to do their thing & I went by my lonesome self in the seclusion of my room overlooking the pool. Had the other hotel guests not minded a big fat URSULA lounging in the pool with them, I may just have gone for a dip & some company! :P


Kung nagkataon.. oh you poor unfortunate souls! This photo belongs to DISNEY.

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