Job Well Done!

My hunny is an on-again, off-again coach for our son’s basketball team. Whenever he can spare the time, or if Alex can’t make it, he pitches in. Mostly, he leaves the coaching job to Alex, but when it’s crunch time, he steps up & takes his coaching responsibility to heart. Way too much, as I saw with my own eyes during our son’s village inter-color championship game! He got 2 technical fouls because of his temper, haha! Si mamang referee kasi, pasaway! ;P

My hunny bunny with his good pal Alex.
Alex is the calm to his storm, hehe! ;P
Prayer before the championship game.
My babyson, jersey #8. 

I just remembered why my son forbids me to watch his games, hehe! I’m too emotional. These guys got into my nerves whenever they would use their horns as our team prepares to make the shots. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that basketball involves psychological warfare. And this is part of the game. Talo ang pikon -unfortunately, I’m so pikon! ;P

The 3 bullies who kept making noises whenever our team would make a play.
Hindi makuha sa magandang pakiusap. Sayang, gwapo ka pa naman, yellow top! :P
We had the last laugh, though. Final score: 90-54, our advantage! m/

The red team emerges victorious over the blue team.
Mind you, the blue team were solid masses of testosterone vs. our puny ones!
And “imports” at that. 5 of them aren’t even from our village! @_@ 
So proud of my hunny bunny!
Yes, we’re number 1 -again! ;P
And they won’t forget it! #1 hoot hoot! ;)
So proud of you guys! <3
Ever so supportive Dads! m/
Their tito Al was so proud of them that he treated everyone to dinner at the nearby Yellow Cab Pizza after!
Congratulations, RED TEAM! We are just so mighty proud of every single one of you. And congratulations to the 2 persevering coaches who never doubted the kids even for a moment. Looking forward to our victory party this saturday! ;)
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