Jin LOVES to Eat!

I’m sure most of you follow Jin Perez of jinlovestoeat. I mean, who in this planet doesn’t know her?! She’s only a top blogger who travels around the world, eating her way country to country. And she does this without gaining weight I tell you. How she manages to do that will forever remain a mystery!

I live vicariously through Jin. Her mouth-watering food posts from countries she visits bring such sensory delight! <3

She seems to eat a lot and yet not gain a single ounce! @_@ I must suck up more & try to find out her secret!

Her posts are always comparable to works of art. So beautifully captured, it’s like the food is right in front of you & all you need to do is reach out!

Jin’s blog is one of my few favorites. Her posts are filled with humorous accounts of her adventures in & out of manila. Having such a cute china-doll face adds to her already charming package. Sometimes I really wonder why nobody has snatched her up yet!

And don’t get started with her family. They are one super close-knit unit that reading her fun adventures with them makes you feel like you also wanna be a part of hers. Gwama (maternal grandmother) is such a character & is the star of her many posts! <3

And she has millions & gazillions of cousins -and they are all so close to one another. Best buds! Believe me when I say this picture doesn’t even come close to showing ALL the cousins she has! ;) BTW, that’s Gwama in red.

Jin’s birthday was last August 5. I wracked my brain trying to find a perfect gift for her but what do you give an heiress who already has everything right on her fingertips? Everything & anything I can give her will pale in comparison to what she already has.

(All photos above belong to Jin Perez)

So I just decided to give her a FUN gift. You know.. that one thing you wouldn’t buy yourself because you’ll never use it but it’s fun anyway coz it’s like.. Sooooo YOU? ;)

I searched & searched the www (world wide web) until I came across this sweater. I mean if this doesn’t define Jin, I don’t know what does hehe.

All her favorite food in one sweater! ;))

I know she won’t wear it -not out anyway, but I wanted to give her something that would make her smile every time she sees it, and know how much she means to me & how she makes me smile every day as I read her blog. My day is never complete without reading one of her funny & exciting adventures. Yes, feeling close ako, bakit ba? :P

So more than a month past her birthday..

Went to my suki Johnny Air Cargo in CJV Bldg. 108 Aguirre St. Legaspi Village Mkti

Philippines to get my package from URBAN OUTFITTERS.

Dearest Jin,

I know this birthday gift is so two-thousand-and-late! :P Sorry but I just had to keep looking for the perfect one! ;) And nothing says JINLOVESTOEAT than this, right? It’s really so hard to get something for one who already has everything, I hope this FUN gift brings a smile to YOUR face (which is only fair coz you always bring a smile to MINE) & keeps you warm whenever you have sleepovers with your hundred-and-one cousins! Thank you for inspiring me & always cracking me up with your hilarious posts! Love yew! :-* PS: I promise to be ready & early for the next birthday! ;)

Love, Jane

Super belated happy birthday to one classy gal who loves anything matcha & purple! ;)

What Jin sent to me in return. Isn’t she just the sweetest???
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