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Jela’s Day Out – Estancia Mall

Jela is bored. Ho-hum, see Jela yawn. :P All summer long she’s been cooped up in the house & our little queen is NOT happy. Everytime the kids & I would step out the door she would give us this sad, sad look. She knows she’s getting left behind again.


Jela: Seriously? SEEERIOUSLY?? You’re leaving me AGAAAIN??? :|

My friend Med’s bulldog died last summer because of the extreme heat so I was scared out of my wits to even expose our beloved Lelly to any sort of heat (well, except that one time in Taal & I was nervous the whole 2 days)..

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 1.16.17 AM

So I made a special JELA DAY. A day exclusively for her. We got her a stroller, a brand new tutu & bow so she can mall in style.


I’ve fallen in love with Estancia mall & seeing how it’s not crowded, I thought of taking her there with the kids. Lelly gets excited when she has too many fans so Estancia mall was the perfect venue for her.

She stayed in the car with the air-conditioner turned on (shala talaga ang prinsesa) while her humans ate a quick lunch. (Actually pets are allowed in restos as long as they have tables & chairs along the mall aisle, not inside the resto per se. It just so happened that UCC Clockwork didn’t have those so Jela had to wait a bit of us.)


Kap & I went to UCC Clockwork a while back & I was really impressed with the food & drinks. I took the kids there for a spin so they can also try it out. They love the UCC branch in our part of town so I was sure they’d like it here too. <3 Btw, here’s my refreshing COFFEE SODA! The Perri Espresso 200 php. I made the mistake of pouring the whole syrup in so it was superlatively sweet. I asked for another glass filled with ice to rectify the sitch & voila! <3



Cheers from my lovely girls! <3 I finally got to try the Kori Kohi 220 php via Ate. (Sharing is caring). My Lovey on the other hand had my drink the last time, (cold) Judy on the Rocks 200 php.

I had the kids try some of my favorites from my last visit.. (CLICK HERE to read my previous post)


Quinoa Salad 320 php for you-know-who, Asian steak & Eggs 650 php for my Lovey, and Crabby Fatty Omurice 350 php for me & my Babyson to share. <3

But they also got some new ones that I haven’t sampled & finally got to try, to my delight.


My loves! <3 #MommahsPrideAndJoy Big eyes, No eyes, and Half eyes. ;))



Black & White Truffle Fries 190 php. Crispy fires, black truffle bits, whote truffle oil & parmesan cheese.



Grilled Cheese Sandwich (220 php) + Tomato Soup (100 php).



Threesome Breakfast Scramble 380 php. Angus sukiyaki beef tapa, pork tocino, garlic longganisa with 2 tamago eggs over garlic rice . <3 Three times the delight!



Pinipig Crunch Cake 225 php. Three awesome layers of chocolate! Chocolate mousse under a dark chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache, sprinkled with pinipig & paired with vanilla ice cream. Noms!

Then the fun for Jela began. She was so excited & wouldn’t sit still in the stroller so her Kuya led her around. Or rather SHE led her kuya around. Poor Lelly, we really must take her out more. Sobra naman kasing hassle coz she’s a mid-sized dog so madaming cheche-bureche. If she were pocket-sized, madaling ibulsa!


It takes a village to raise a child. Hassle sa muscle at stress sa chest itong si Lelly ha! @_@


(Voice-over: My Lovey buying her kuya! Buti nalang at pasensyoso ang kuya nya. At sanay nang ma-bully ng mga strong-willed, independent women in his life mwahaha! :P)

She had a late breakfast so her lunch came late as well. I was looking for a burger place but the closest resto that had her food was Wing Stop. I got her her next favorite. CHICKEN!


Lelly must weigh at least 80 lbs, no joke. She is really heavy & stocky. She got her kuya panting the ride up with her in his arms.



So we got the spoiled brat some chicken fingers from Wing Stop. Blow, Feed, Wipe, Repeat. It’s like having a toddler all over again I tell you.



Lelly was a curious little cat & sniffed everything imaginable & available! :P

Mas napagod kami kay Lelly. She didn’t like her stroller & wanted to be part of the action but every time a guard would catch us he would request that Lelly get right back on. So akyat-baba ang drama namin with a few tumbles along the way sa kakulitan at bigat ni Jela the English Bulldog! ;)) Long story short, ginutom lang kami kay Lelly.


Jipan to the rescue. We are a foodie bunch (yes, even Lelly) so we eat at every opportunity!



I took a fancy to this pillowy soft bread. Thick Toast 55 php.



(Giant) Dynamite Roll 389 php. Sulit sa presyo at panlasa! ;)



Squid Ink Epi Bread 55 php. My 2 younger kids are into the squid ink phase so they took delight in this & bought several for take-home.



Spicy Tuna Pizza 315 php. Huuuge serving of spicy tuna over fried japanese rice. Good for 2-4 as appetizer.

I can tell that Lelly had a fun day because as soon as we got to the car, she plopped down & snored the whole trip home. Don’t worry dear Lelly, we promise to take you malling more. I-sedate ka lang muna namin hahaha. JOKE! (1/2) Especially now that you have your stroller (na ginawing patungan ng bag!). #LikeABoss


PS: Aeropostale has a BIG sale going on. Up to 70%. You might wanna check it out. ;)

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