Jela at 4 months!

Jela at 4 days shy of 4 months is getting so big & heavy na. Her tummy is so huge we can barely carry her, haha! And this is the reason why!!! @_@

She loves to eat. Anything & everything!
She is really & obviously a family member haha!! ;P
She also sleeps a lot!
On top of me, preferably. She just loves to cuddle! ,3
That’s why she’s always hot & panting!
Sometimes when mommy is busy, she cuddles with her dolly! ;)
Everybody just loves Jela.
She is simply ADORABLE!!! <3
Even her daddy loves her to bits.
He even cuts her fingernails!
And he never did that to any of our kids! @_@

Oh Jela. You bring so much joy into our lives. Even though you love to roll in pee.. and turd! @_@ We just love you so!!! <3

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