Jekyll & Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a 1931 americal film which is a tale of a man who takes a potion which turns him from a mild-mannered man into a homicidal maniac.

Not that I’m mild mannered (oh no, not I) or homicidal (?) for that matter.. but last saturday, I channeled my Hyde alter-ego during my son’s sportsfest. Much to his dismay & chagrin haha!

I know right! :P
You wouldn’t think the smiling, jubilant, happy person on the left
has a psycho streak waiting to get out, hehehe!

In my defense, I really can’t control it. (ok maybe I can but I don’t put that much effort into it ;P) It’s the lioness in me looking out for my precious cubs! ;))

As soon as I saw my babyson rolling on the floor during a game of basketball, I ran to him & checked if everything was still where they should be. Then I focused my fury on the dingbat P.E. teacher who didn’t have the common sense to assign watchers on 4 corners of the court to make sure that hyperactive little kids didn’t run amuck INSIDE the court while a game was on-going! it really was an accident waiting to happen! @_@

Case in point…
Who in his right mind would allow little kids to run amuck while an intense game is on-going??? @_@

Anyway, all’s well that ends well albeit my babyson was still a littled miffed at me for that little teeny-tiny scene! ;P Our blue team won. What a feat for the co-captains (who were incidentally both my children -proud momma moment!), especially for ate as this is her last year in high school (Thank you God!!!)

ate & my babyson leading the BLUE team. GO BLUE!! m/

Speaking of high school, I’m just so glad that ate only has 3 days to go (plus a week if you count grad practice, boo!).

My hunny comforts me with all that’s been happening to her by telling me it builds character. What hurts you now makes you stronger in the end. I hope that after all these, my daughter learns a valuable lesson in choosing her friends well. Bullying does not end here. There are also bullies in college, and the workplace after. You just have to find out how to shield & equip yourself with the right tools to come out of it victorious.

Ate, you have so many great years ahead of you. You have so many good things in store. You have been blessed with smarts & looks that others can only wish for.

Always remember that life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away. And I hope that I gave you enough of those moments to cover aches & pains. Because after all, FAMILY is what counts. Everything else is just secondary.

FAMILY is what counts. Everything else is just secondary.
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