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Jasmine @ 18

The last big girl of the Superfriends turned 18 a couple of weeks ago & celebrated it with a huge bang last April 27, 2014 at the ECLIPSE BAR of the new SOLAIRE HOTEL & CASINO. She loves to sing and perform & has been blessed with a golden voice and a beautiful face. So when she requested her parents that she wanted a concert-type debut, her wish was immediately granted. :)


photo 1

To read about her older sister’s smashing debut as well last year, CLICK HERE. Boy am I glad my girls have 5 years between them. I don’t think our purse strings can handle a grand debut one after another!



The supportive parents closed out the entire bar for this most memorable occasion.


The 3 boys are part of the 18 dance. They are so used to it by now after being part of their many friends’ entourage month after month. :)


My gorgeous Ate with the equally pretty & blooming debutante. <3



The lovely girls with my radiant ate Marita! <3


THE cake! <3 It was so elegant, just like the theme throughout the night.



2 giant buffet tables were provided for the feast. This was the appetizer & dessert station..



while this table had the back to back main dishes.



I truly don’t know what this is called, but I LOVED IT! <3 It has all the elements that make my heart beat fast.. steak & bread! I kept going back to the buffet table for this particular item.




Set-up at Eclipse Lounge. Filled to the last table with happy guests!



I have stage fright & I really clam up whenever a microphone is involved. But Kap passed the mic to me right when the camera focused so I had no choice but to say a few words, being part of the 18 treasures. I boxed him right after! @_@


Mukha akong bampira in the photo above. I don’t know if it was the lights. But let me assure you this was my real color that night. Marunong naman po akong mag-pulbo! :P With the very pretty debutante. <3



I cried buckets when my kuya Rolly appeared the stage & sang lovingly to his baby girl. Father-daughter moments always gets to me since I never had a moment –any moment, with my dad. :'( #inggiterangfrog



The pretty debutante walking down the aisle amidst her 18 roses. Love, love, love!! <3



And of course, bumigay na talaga ako dito! :P Which is why in some photos my eyes are red haha.



My babyson.. syempre naman gwapong-gwapo ako sa anak ko! ;))


 To watch their SAVE THE WORLD dance number, click HERE.


To watch the last dance & finale dance number  LEVELS, click HERE.


Mommy was super proud & kilig. He’s really got the moves! ;))



Congratulations to NICO, the best dance choreographer EVER! <3


I am so blessed to have such beautiful children! <3 My gorgeous Ate is part of the 18 wishes. She stands tall & proud with equally lovely ladies. I couldn’t have been any happier.



Jasmin came into her life when she needed friends the most. Ate will never ever forget that. Friends for life! <3






The debutante’s wish came true when she had a mini-concert and performed for family & friends. <3


To watch Jasmin’s rendition of KATY PERRY’s ROAR, click HERE.


Happiest of birthday to the girl with the golden voice. We love you Jasmin! :-*


And the kids partied the night away while the oldies did some damage at the caching-caching slot machines. And no, we didn’t win anything big. :P


Happy 18th birthday, our dearest Jasmin. The world is at your fingertips. Enjoy, explore, and don’t hold back. Experience life. Don’t ask what the world needs, instead, ask what makes YOU come alive and just do it.

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