I’ve been noticing my hair go from bad to worse of late, with every picture taken of me. So I decided it was time for a haircut when my hair didn’t know the difference from right & left anymore! @_@ Besides, my hair decided it was shedding season once again so I really needed a trim huhuhu. I don’t think long hair is in the cards for me anymore! :'((

Normally, my girls & I go to my brother’s salon (when I’m feeling kuri!), or to Jeric (when I want a better haircut & don’t mind paying, haha!). Trouble with Jeric is he keeps moving from one salon to the next so it’s really hard to track him down sometimes.. or he is on a day off. This time, he’s back at AZZANZI.. but he comes in at around noon, or past! And I really couldn’t wait to get my hair chopped a minute longer, so I went to my last option.. PYTHON. Actually, his name is really PHYTON but I don’t want to confuse myself with the correct spelling & pronunciation so I just go on calling him Python! ;)

He used to be the senior hair cutter at Franck Provost. And we would have him come over to do home service for us coz it’s waaaaaayyyy cheaper (1,800 vs. 500!). It stopped when he cut ate’s hair way shorter than she wanted haha. You see, Python has a mind of his own. This might have something to do with WHY he was sacked from the salon! ;P That was the final straw for ate. Nothing & no one comes between her & her long shiny hair, hehe!

Going back to me!!! I deliberated getting a haircut since CHRISTmas is just around the corner. I could have a really great haircut & look good in holiday photos. Or have a REALLY BAD haircut & look ridiculous until it grows out. Hmmmmnnn.. dilemma. But I opted to be brave. It was only: be brave, or not care. Since I was too old to care THAT MUCH about my appearance anyway, I went ahead & got the haircut!

So off we went (my hunny & I) to Python’s house at 8:00 in the morning to Alley 17 #80 Mindanao Ave. My hunny plays basketball with python, and almost ALL the players & their wives get their haircut from him. 500 php is really a steal, if you think about it.

With my “out-of-sorts” hair.
I gave him 2 options..
#1: layered sides, and keep the length at the back.
#2: short at the back, long at the sides. Like Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla’s hairstyle now.
I really really thought we were clear on what I wanted hehe! :P
So I let him snip away. Snip-snip-snip!!!

And guess what my haircut turned out??? According to Python.. JAGGED!!! @_@ I really don’t remember that word being any part of my instructions hahaha!!! I’m still figuring out how to work it! Do give me time! :(

Pardon the hairclip & the over lipstick!
I look like a boy with my uber short hair so I had to improvise!
I think this is the shortest I have ever gone.. and I will never ever go this short again.
I swear!!! @_@

So.. go at your own risk. If you are brave & carefree, and want a little edge, Python is the answer to your prayers. If you are the reserved type, then just stick with your usual hair stylist.

For now, I’m still deciding.. hahaha! ;))

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