Dessert. One of my most favorite word! <3 Ate has been telling me about J.Co donuts for the past couple of weeks. Seriously, I wouldn’t have known about it had she not told me that she wanted to try it. For me, donuts are donuts. Tig-isang butas lang yan! :P

The other day when we were in Greenbelt to buy her dad a gift, she led me to J.Co and AMAZING! The line was looooooooong! My memory was tweaked to the “then” lines I had to endure to buy my kids the latest donut craze at Gonuts, then Krispy Kreme, and now -J.Co! @_@

Seeing it was a saturday, I promised ate I’ll get her donut on a weekday so it’s not as crowded. So today, when I finally had the chance, I asked my hunnybun if we could buy some for the kids. And he wasn’t really in the position to say NO to me today. Today, I AM THE QUEEN! :P

Again. AMAZING! @_@ the line was the same. Weekdays & weekends? There’s really no difference in the line! So, with a resigned face & a new found determination, we queued up & waited painfully one slow step at a time. Why does it take long, you ask? People are HOARDING, I tell you! They buy in DOZENS!!

As soon as new donuts are baked & iced & frosted, the next customer grabs whatever was just put on display & the staff has to do it all over again for the next sucker.. I mean customer. Oh-em-gee!

Bustling with peeps every minute of every day! @_@ 

My hunnybun, patiently queuing hehe..
hindi maka-piyok! :P
Empty counter.
As soon as freshly baked goodies come out, they are snapped up right away by eager beavers just like me! 

It took 30 minutes (I kid you not!) for them to be able to complete my assortment for 4 boxes.
Ate said “assorted”. So I made sure assorted it was.
Even though I had to patiently wait for them to come up with the flavor I wanted
-not just what was convenient & available.
*Mommy points! ;P
Ate made special emphasis on ALCAPONE, so I got her 1 whole box all to herself hehe.
She rarely asks for sweets so I try to do what I can when she asks for some. <3

My knight in shining armor carrying our precious packages for the kids hehe.

As soon as we got home, we all tried the donuts to see what was so special about it. The bread was REALLY soft. And just the right amount of sweetness. But then again, donuts are donuts. Tig-isang butas lang yan! ;P

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