In Sickness & In Health

My heart is heavy. My hunny just got off the phone with the wife of a tennis buddy. He has the big C –a sickness which should not be named. And that, combined with financial worries are a big burden to a young family.

Nestor & Baby.
They have 3 children

Early on, I decided that I will have a happy blog. I’m a jolly person and I try to surround myself with happiness & everything good and positive. But this news really got me down, and I need an outlet to shake it off. Forgive me.

We all have our own burdens. In as much as we would like to help every Tom, Dick & Harry, we are also limited in resources & saving for the inevitable “rainy day”. All we can do is watch helplessly & pray that it never ever happens to us.

Nestor’s wife called. She was crying. Her husband was in so much pain already, and yet she is helpless to do anything. The people in PGH are cold, hard & unresponsive –they have to be, they deal with sickness & death all the time. They can’t let it get to them. The Baui family are short on resources, all she can do is watch as her husband writhes in pain on the floor -because the stretchers in the emergency room are all accounted for, patiently waiting for their turn for any form of help to be given & ease the hell that he is feeling.

It makes you want to help… and you do. But what about tomorrow, the next day, or the day after? What about the rest of the days that they have to battle? Will you be able to answer for that too? It sounds cold & callous but it’s true. We each have to take care of our own at some point.

This is her text.. “naiiyak ako. Limang oras na kami dito wala pa ring pumapansin  sa amin. Nasa sahig na si Nestor sa sakit. Lahat naka-pila. Kahit yung nasaksak nakapila rin…”

Their doctor/friend/tennis buddy who suggested that Nestor be brought to PGH is in the operating room & couldn’t assist. My hunny racks his brain trying to think of who else he knows that works in that hospital who can help. He comes up empty.

It must be hard on Baby to see the one she loves in so much pain, & yet not be able to help in any way.. To just stare helplessly & try to block out the screams & tears, praying that God will have mercy. In sickness and in health, that is the promise. And hard as it may be, she will just have to see him through.

Dear God, we don’t know why this happens, we have so many unanswered questions. But everything comes from You, and we will just have to accept it in FAITH. We just lift him up to You Lord. Please show him mercy. Please show him kindness. And if it is not meant to be, please let it be quick & painless. You are the greatest healer oh Lord. We put our faith & our trust in You alone. Please be with this family, and all the other families experiencing the same pain & predicament. Be with them in their time of need. Amen.

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