Important Notice: A BUG Lives Amongst Us!

My everdearest readers. A couple of days ago, I got frantic calls & messages asking me what happened. I was totally clueless. What happened to WHAT? I thought I won something in the jackpot & was going to have the merriest christmas of all. Yun pala I had a bug in my email. It was sending messages saying my cousin was VERY sick, implying I needed monetary assistance.

NAKAKAHIYA!!! Omg it sent to ALL my contacts. Yes, even ALL my sponsors for the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Giveaways. And after they already gave so generously too! To ALL the guest bloggers I’ve been having email exchanges with. They probably think I’m cuckoo.. or worse, A MOOCHER.  FML! @_@

This has been happening to me repeatedly in Yahoo. I couldn’t make a new email address because of the 2 Christmas projects I’m deeply & currently into. So the next best thing was to change my password. Again. I’ve already changed it THRICE this year because a bug always manages to crawl right back. Waaaa!!!

What’s worse (yes. It does get worse!) The bug causes ALL my inbox messages to go directly to my TRASH folder. So unknowingly, I’ve been deleting all the messages I thought were trash (and didn’t take the time to read/check).

Thankfully, Yahoo has this feature where I can ask them to send me deleted messages for the past 7 days. Why, oh WHY???

I brought my very old laptop to have it checked. Nobody could help me. As in NOBODY. The whole day I was sooooo sad & depressed because I needed to have my email in tiptop shape to get messages across to my sponsors & guest bloggers. That’s 12 each, a total of 24 people I needed to get in touch with badly.

As I finally resigned that night & went to take a soothing shower so I can get my tired, old, decrepit, depressed & weary body to bed, guess who was able to fix my bug. GUESS!!! It’s Miss Bio herself, my gulay. And it took her only ONE TRY! The bug, after sending gazillion of messages to my contacts, gave me another “gift”. It created havoc din pala in my email filter & sheez which is why I didn’t receive any email messages! @_@

So Ate. Thank you SO much for fixing THE bug. Who knew you were so tech savvy. Maybe you should shift from Bio to I don’t know.. GIRL WONDER??? I lovah yew, my Sweetness! <3 What would I ever do without you???

And one last thing, I’ve been getting emails from some of my “more vocal” readers with more or less the same context. Thank you so much for valuing me. And for missing me. <3 I promise I will never do this 12 Days thingy again. Rest assured I didn’t get anything from this & I wasn’t trying to “monetize” my blog. I did it with you guys in mind, really. I was surprised when my stats went down this holiday season. I thought you guys would be happy with the giveaways & such. Which is why I threw myself into being Mrs. Santa & made a big production out of it. Yun pala you just want lil big ole me the whole time haha.  I’m really so touched. THANK YOU GUYS from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for loving me, for missing me, for valuing me.

Please bear with me nalang til the 25th coz I have to finish what I started. I have sponsors to consider & report to. I promise I will just put a personal post every other day (raffle days only so I don’t insult my guest bloggers who sent me long, beautiful christmas posts for you my readers) so you don’t miss me too much. (Nope, now I know I’m not a feelingera & you really want to read chismis about my life haha!)

Kaya magparamdam at magpakilala naman kayo my dear readers. MAG-COMMENT NAMAN KAYO PAMINSAN-MINSAN. I tweaked my comments moderation page na so it won’t be hard for you to comment anymore. Even ate was complainig pa-V.I.P. daw ako ang hirap mag-comment sa site ko. Hello, alam ko po ba? :P Do let me know please if you still find it hard to comment.

I love you guys!!! So, no to yaya mall.. no to giveaways & other pakulo na after this! Puro chismis & chika nalang tayo! ;) Ok maybe once or twice a year nalang para hindi tayo pare-pareho overwhelmed! :P

Here.. Merry Christmas from ME Ms. Piggy..

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