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I’ve been seeing a flood of IMBISS goodness on my Instagram, mostly coming from my hard-working entrepreneur friend Michelle, but from other friends in the South as well. So I asked her if she owned Imbiss coz I really really wanted to try all the food she’d been posting! And of course I wanted to support her any way I can. :)

The newly renovated restaurant was surprisingly big & spacious by B.F. standards. Most restos in the area are old, small & crowded so this was really a pleasant surprise! ;)

Michelle Cu-unjieng owns the popular JAMFOODS products famous for its angus beef salpicao & tapas. Her husband John is the Chef Consultant for Imbiss & created all the yummy goodness that has been invading my dreams!

I haven’t seen Michelle since she gave birth 5 months ago, so I made plans to meet up with her there along with a mommy friend Isabel of holdthatplate.blogspot.com, a cooking blog. You might want to check it out for yummy recipes. ;)

The pretty owner of Imbiss, who also owns the JUST FOR NAILS salon (228 aguirre Ave. BF Homes P’que 7488753 – 09163273664) a few kilometers away from the resto, is the very young, very fresh, very nice & accommodating KEZIA GARCIA. She is a SPED teacher turned restaurateur. Since the resto wasn’t too busy that morning, she sat down with us & told us a bit about their offerings. Imbiss is a german word meaning SNACK. It refers to a food stand or street food shop that is usually small & locally run. But certainly, the food we inhaled that monday was not JUST a snack -nor was it small scale! ;P It was a fiesta good to last us several days.

We really really wanted to try ALL. But my pregnant friend Isabel, who is on her 7th month, was afraid she’d pop earlier than her due date if we over indulged. So we settled for the following which caught our attention the most..

Loaded Potato Skin 255 php. Loaded was an understatement! :P We quickly filled up with these alone.

This mushroom loaded cheesy dip is my favorite! <3 So much so that we asked for more bread (below)! ;)) If you do visit Imbiss, make sure you ask for this dip!

Spicy Chicken Wings with Bleu Cheese Dip 235 php

4-pc. Sausage Platter 595 php. They also have an 8-pc. platter at 880 php.

Imbiss Cheeseburger 345 php. I loved that it was angus, had bacon, AND had pickles on the side! <3

My medium-well burger! <3

Chicken Schnitzel 325 php

Sausage & Pancakes 225 php

Apple Strudel. For me, the best dessert among the 3 we tried. But then again, I didn’t get to try the always out-of-stock Sizzling Dark Chocolate Brownie! <!–3

Mango Pannacotta

Imbiss is a german resto but with a very filipino-friendly menu. They also have an assortment of german beers to try..

Their price is actually competitive. I wasn’t able to indicate the price on the food pics above because Isabel & I split the bill & I think she has the receipt! :P

German beers (from left to right): ERDINGER WEIBBER 170php, ERDINGER DUNKEL 170php, OETTINGER 130php, FRANZISKANER 170php, and PAULANER 195php. They also have draft beer, local beer and other imported beers :)

2 not-so-little girls joined us for lunch because their school had muntiparlas last monday so they had another free day. I told you it was gonna be a birthday week-long celebration for my Lovey! ;)

I’m sure you can identify which girl belongs to which mom haha. Tisay sa tisay, chinay sa chinay. Jena & Ashley, who were classmates for quite some time, call themselves twinnies coz they love mostly the same things. They still hang whenever they can even though they both go to different schools now.

Imbiss has a promo until December 31, 2013 so don’t forget to avail of it when you go for a visit!

Chef John luckily dropped by so we chatted with him a little & picked his brains on his yummy creations, especially the desserts which we polished with gusto.

Michelle was so sweet to give us lootbags of her products before we left, which is gaining popularity & is on the fast rise in instagram & bazaars nationwide. Visit JAMFOODS’ facebook page HERE, and Instagram account HERE to see what I’m talking about. ;)


Friends, I have to say this because I want to be your ever credible & reliable blogger friend. We paid for our food. :) We patronized the resto on a friend capacity. Sorry ha I’m really paranoid when it comes to this topic coz I don’t wanna be known as a moocher, lels.

PS: Special credits to Michelle who took all the nice food photos with my camera. <3

Jeng & Michi, are you ready to invade Imbiss?? This is where I’m taking you when you come visit me next month. And Kezia promised she will save us some of this bad-a$$ dessert.. Magpagutom kayo ha!!! ;))


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