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When your 19-year-old daughter asks you to travel 12 hours by road to follow her to the ends of the earth because she feels safe knowing you’re just an arm’s length away -even though you know you won’t get the chance to be together, and yes even on your birthday, you simply don’t make excuses. You book your hotel room nearest to where she’s staying & ask her how else you can be of service. No matter how inconvenient, or difficult, or pointless. Coz that’s what a mother is. That’s what a mother does.

I really thought it was a moot point for me to go to Ilocos since we weren’t going to see each other on her 4-day trip, not even for a second. But Ate insisted she would feel better knowing I was just in the area. So who am I to argue? To be honest, I’m happy & flattered that they’re so clingy to me & can’t seem to live without me. But at the same time, I’m also worried that they love me too much & will have a hard time moving on without me when the time comes. But I have decided to live in the moment. Why should I withhold my love & affection for “in case”. I choose to love them so hard & so deep that even when I’m gone they can still feel it.

So on my birthday, we left for a 4-day sojourn towards Ilocos. Or so we thought! ;)) Ate was traveling by land with her batch. Lovey& I were traveling by air because Ate didn’t want us to endure the long drive up knowing I have a very bad back. Plus, she didn’t trust reckless Anderson to get us to our destination safely. We were to travel back together if her teacher allows.

I packed everything for Ate & made sure she had everything she needed for her trip. I made a list & checked it twice.. thrice. I made sure she had everything she needed in her car. Meanwhile, I forgot to think about my needs AND LEFT MY OWN MALETA AT HOME! @_@

Dramatic goodbye. ;P
Akala mo 1 taon hindi magkikita!
I have a hard time letting go. Figuratively & literally.

Food & clothes that I packed & re-packed meticulously for my sweetie.

With only 45 minutes to spare before our flight to Ilocos, we made a mad dash back home to get my suitcase. We made it to NAIA terminal 3 just in time. I was asked to present an ID.. then & only then did I find out my wallet was in my other bag. Which was at home hehe! :P

Even Lelly came along to take us to the airport.

Parang mga tanga. ;)) Happy faces hindi naman nakalipad, hahaha! :P

The check-in lady allowed us to proceed even without my proof of identification. Mukha naman daw katiwa-tiwala ang pagmumukha ko. BUT, we didn’t have any money with us. Lovey had an ATM card with very little money barely enough to tide us over for several meals, but there was no ATM machine in the building, according to the airport people. My hunny carried just a small amount of cash to buy the basic daily necessities. We decided bahala na si batman. We’ll figure out how to get money when we get to Ilocos. Siguro naman may ATM doon, hello! It was a weekend though so I don’t know how money can be transferred, if at all.

Kap, thinking it was bad omen in successions (he included the fact that we can’t get to an ATM, PLUS we had to keep re-booking since UST kept changing the fieldtrip dates) forbade us to set foot in the plane. He & my babyson went ballistic calling & texting me & Lovey one after another to just go back home just as Lovey & I were about to set foot in the plane.

Hindi kami pinayagang lumipad ni Sr. at ni Jr.
Yes. We are a dramatic family, as you can see! :P
And I, the mother, am the DRAMA QUEEN.

The balikbayan bag that they had to pull out of the plane at the very last minute hahahahahaha!
SORRY TALAGA Cebu Pacific!!

Kawawang Ate. We called her to explain, and though highly disappointed, she didn’t push the issue & resigned herself to the fact that we were definitely staying in Manila. All she was concerned about was our safety. She said she also felt a bad cloud looming over her head for our pending flight so it was all good.

Sleeping situation in the bus for 12 hours! @_@

The thought that she was among friends comforted me somewhat.
Besides, we weren’t going to see each other the whole duration of the trip anyway.
I wouldn’t have been useful to her.
And absence does make the heart grow fonder. </3

At least she was with her good friends & they were able to sleep together in one room. I was pacified.
At may aircon & sariling bathroom!!! @_@

Ang manipis niyang kama.
This makes me think of the story, THE PRINCESS & THE PEA.
I wonder if my princess was able to sleep well. I highly doubt it.

Northwestern University where they stayed.

Her Botany class went to Ilocos for the botanical garden (I highly doubt they were allowed to collect specimens. So it’s kinda useless to go 12 hours to just LOOK at a botanical garden, me thinks.), but they also had an extra day for tourist spots..

Take 1. Wrong angle ahahaha! :P

Take 2. Selfie for mommy at Paoay Church. <3

The Church of Saint Augustine, commonly known as the Paoay Church, is the Roman Catholic parish church of the municipality of Paoay, Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. Completed in 1710, the church is famous for its distinct architecture highlighted by the enormous buttresses on the sides and back of the building. In 1993, the church was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one best examples of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines.


I’m happy to see she had fun on her trip. Makes it worth the heartache & separation for 4 days.

Even in the shadow, my baby is a goddess! ;)
Can you tell she’s the 2nd one from the right? I will forever be able to distinguish her!

Take 1. Wrong angle again ahahaha! ;))

And someone finally had mercy & took a nice shot. Probably Bianca??? ;))

Malacañang of the North is within a 5-hectare property that overlooks Paoay Lake, and was the residence of late president Ferdinand Marcos and his family when they were in the north. This was one of the 29 houses that the Marcos regime was able to build during its two decades of power. As its name suggests, this house served as the official residence of the First Family during that time whenever they are in Ilocos.

Poor Ramy! ;)) The only thorn among the roses.

She was so proud to tell me that she tried out the PINAKBET pizza & the DINUGUAAN/LONGGANIZA pizza for their dinner.
Uhhhm.. eeeeew?


Her forever clique. She just loves ’em to death.

One of the not-so-hidden gems of Ilocos Norte is the Kapurpurawan Rock formation in the town of Burgos in Ilocos Norte.
To get here, one can take a tricycle from the town proper of Burgos to the dirt road and trail leading to the rock formation.
The “rock” looks like a boat that was sculpted out of the cliff.
On bright sunny afternoons, the yellowish glow of the rock is said to appear as if you are somewhere in a desert.
The rock seemed to have been formed through erosion brought about by the sea and wind.

And even though she’s so very far away, she still managed to mock me. Albeit lovingly! ;)

My karate kid right there! ;)

With her senseis, mwahaha!

Man, her core is really strong now with all that time she spends in the gym! m/

Peace out! ;)

The first power generating windmill farm in Southeast Asia, commonly known as Bangui Wind Farm, is found in the municipality of Bangui.
The wind farm uses 20 units of 70-metre (230 ft) high Vestas V82 1.65 MW wind turbines, arranged on a single row stretching along a nine-kilometer shoreline off Bangui Bay, facing the South China Sea.
Phase I of the NorthWind power project in Bangui Bay consists of 15 wind turbines, each capable of producing electricity up to a maximum capacity of 1.65 MW, for a total of 24.75 MW. The 15 on-shore turbines are spaced 326 metres (1,070 ft) apart, each 70 metres (230 ft) high, with 41 metres (135 ft) long blades, with a rotor diameter of 82 metres (269 ft) and a wind swept area of 5,281 square metres (56,840 sq ft).
Phase II, was completed on August 2008, and added 5 more wind turbines with the same capacity, and brought the total capacity to 33 MW. All 20 turbines describes a graceful arc reflecting the shoreline of Bangui Bay, facing the South China Sea.

Thank you for sharing all your pictures with me Ate. I really appreciated the fact that you were sharing with me your adventure & giving me a blow-by-blow account so I don’t worry about you. I love you so much & I missed you every second that you were gone. I’m NEVER ever letting you off my sight EVER again. Know that! <3

Fort Ilocandia & Cebu Pacific were very nice & accommodating to allow us to re-book our reservations. So I guess we’ll still be seeing you this summer, Ilocos! :P And when we do, believe me, I will check my bag 10 times to make sure I have everything in order. HAY BUHAY! @_@ 45.. I am getting old.

PS: Thank you so much Bianca girl for letting me steal some group photos from your facebook page! 

I was so happy when I finally got reunited with my Ate. Lovey missed her sister so much too that we both kept tossing & turning in our bed, not sleeping a wink at all. We finally met up with her at 5 in the morning, starving. So we had brekky at Aristocrat for comfort food that just hits the spot! ;)

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