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Brunchissimo at Il Ponticello

Il Ponticello may have grown up over time & with the change of management, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Ponti is JUST for grown ups. With their new BRUNCHISSIMO and PIZZA SANTINO offerings, the people behind Il Ponticello who have evolved from being yuppy singles to married with kids bring you family brunch specials!

Come one, come all. Il Ponticello makes Saturdays brighter with their famed Brunchissimo from 10AM-3PM, a special spread of Tuscan delights that will give you the perfect reason to greet the weekend with a smile. ;)

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IL Ponticello (or Ponti)

2/F Antel Corporate Center, 121 Valero St. Salcedo Village, Makati (02) 553-9971 ; (63949) 760-8731



Il Ponticello may have that yuppy & masculine vibe, but come Saturday morning, the room filled with running & giggling kids transform it into a warm, fun, family dining area.



See what a huge difference a bunch of cutie patootie kids (and lovely mommies) make? ;) Wholesome diba!

For Php 1,250.00, get unlimited slices of Pancetta Arrotolata- homemade dry-cured pork belly. It’s Italian bacon you won’t be able to resist!


Because Saturdays are supposed to be RELAXED days, Il Ponticello makes sure that the parents who made an extra effort to wake up early for the weekend brunch specials are well taken cared of & plied with a glass of bubbly to loosen them up a bit. ;)) Tosso Prosecco (sparkling white) 250 php/glass. Ponti will be ponti, lels.



For starters (and even enders), you get an unlimited amount of Pancetta Arrotolata– homemade dry-cured pork belly with your bread.



You may request it regular or extra crispy. Of course we went for the latter. The crispier & crunchier, the better! <3



Cheers to weekends spent with the family! <3

For the Mains, you can select one from any of the 5 options:


Tuscan Polpetone. With Mortadella Bologna, Italian Meatloaf and Rosti Potatoes.



Lasagna Carbonara. Perfectly al dente lasagna sheets sandwiched between gooey layers of mozzarella cream, topped with grated Grana Padano and strips of pancetta.



Truffled Cheese and Mushroom Frittata. Cream baked eggs and sautéed mushrooms flavored with Provolone and truffle oil.



Italian Style Eggs Benedetto. Mortadella Bologna topped with Choron, a special tomato béarnaise sauce.



or Porchetta Alla Romana. Kap’s choice. And what I would suggest in a heartbeat to anyone who would ask. Slow roasted pork belly, flavored with fennel and garlic, surrounded by a buttery layer of fat and crispy outer layer.


And end with your choice of 3 of their 5 signature desserts: Tiramisu, Nutella Bigne, Cheesecake Caramel Panna Cotta, Carmello Di Semolina, and Decadent Chocolate Cake..



We got one of each, and then some. :)



Because we couldn’t get enough of the crispy star of Il Ponticello, Steve (who probably heard us whining when we got to the last bite) sent us an amazing Porchetta Cubano Sandwich. New on the menu! <3



In case you are wondering where these lovely slices of crispy pork is coming from, meet the stars of Ponti..



Crispy, crunchy skin over layers of fats & pork meat. LOVE at first bite. True love on the second.

Make sure to bring the kids and let them enjoy making their own yummy pizza creations with Ponti’s special Pizza Santino for only Php 250.00 (kids ages 12 & below).



With choices ranging from mushrooms, ham, and 2 kinds of cheese, kids will definitely have a blast creating ala master Chef!



My Lovey is waaaay past 12, but she still enjoyed making her personalised pizza. And might I add, we enjoyed eating it too!



Hot off the oven, you can hear the crackling of the crust with every bite.



My pretty & charming dalaga who is growing up too fast! :'(



Tell me, what can be better than a Saturday eating 2 of your most favorite things???

Thank you Il Ponitcello and STEVE MAGDARAOG for a Saturday well spent! <3 And just as most of us have stayed with you through the years & have evolved along, rest assured we will still be here when you turn grey. We will order Risotto and dine on Pesce as we put on our toothless smiles & reach for our dentiera. ;)



And because we look so fresh & pretty in this photo, it deserves a bigger & solo frame. :P With me are Mommy Practicality, The Mommist, and EricJaz Foodies. And we are THE MOMMY BLOGGERS, as The Bossman loves to tease call us. :P


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