Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

I can’t even pronounce the name, but it’s where we had dinner, haha. Ate loves ramen for some reason. So we try to accommodate her cravings coz she doesn’t eat that much.

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

McKinley Hill, Taguig

We were SO famished when we got there  that we discarded with the steps on how to eat ramen the right way! :P
The gyozas were malnourished. Sad. 150 php for every order of 6 pcs.
Potato Croquette 160 php
Buta Kimchi 180 php. Oh so delish!!! <3
Karaage 180 php. Ho-hum.
My babies. <3 I’m so very happy to have all 3 with me again. Everybody dropped their schedules to spend the day with me huhuhu #tearsofjoy
Hot & Piping ramen.
My babyson & Lovey’s Ajitama Tonkotsu 380 php
Ate’s Spicy Tobanja Tonkotsu 380 php
I wanted to take a variety of ramen pics so I got the Black Garlic Tonkutsu instead of the spicy. 380 php

I love family meals. Si Kap nalang ang kulang para todo ligaya. But then again, they wouldn’t have been able to shop ’til they dropped if their dad tagged along. So we had to sacrifice one over the other. Should I be scared that they chose shopping over spending the day with their dad??? @_@ WTF?

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