I Love (nice) Surprises!

A tired, creaky body comes with age. And I’m no spring chicken! :P So even after a few hours at the mall (or any where that involves walking for long periods, actually) gets me soooooo tired. My back aches, my feet aches.. everything is just so painful -even my butt! And carrying my extra load isn’t helping.

So last night, I was complaining of body malaise as I lay my tired body on the bed, preparing to sleep. I thought my grumblings fell on deaf ears since all my babies were very quiet & still, indicating deep slumber.

This morning, ate didn’t text me her usual message, letting me know that she was safe in school. So I asked if she got to her destination in 1 piece! ;P She asked me if I read her note.

WHAT NOTE?? I panicked. Oh no!! Was I supposed to do something for her that I forgot -or need to do ASAP?!? I quickly went to my usual morning spots & saw this taped to my dresser… <3

Most definitely an “Awwwwww” moment!! :)

The kids know how KURI I get when it comes to pampering myself. I’d rather put on several salonpas strips instead of getting costly massages. So, to make sure I get one today after apparently hearing my grumblings last night in the midst of her slumber, ate so sweetly & generously left me some money to pay for a home service massage! <3 <3 <3

Isn’t she just the sweetest??? It’s moments like this that really blows me away. How BLESSED am I to have such fantastic kids!!! They LOVE me so!! <3

AND!! I’ve been seeing some sweet & kind comments from people I don’t even know. Ever since Franny featured me in her blog.. TWICE, I’ve been getting comments from such lovely people. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!! <3

Thank you, Kat! :)
Thank you, Kathleen! :) 
Thank you, Marie! :)
and Thank you, Albert! :)

What a beautiful monday morning today is turning out to be!! Have a nice day too, everyone! :-*

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