I heart KRIS!

I’ve always been fascinated by Kris Aquino. I know it’s probably bakya but I truly find her FASCINATING!!! :) Sure, she’s brash, KSP & tactless, but she’s also witty, generous & has a big heart. I’m amazed at how she lives her life in “wonderland” day in & day out. Like everything is make believe. I guess it’s because her life hasn’t been normal since the day she was born. She was destined to live life in the limelight.

Kris TV airs daily (Mon-Fri) on ABS-CBN, 9:30am before ShowtimeIt showcases hot topics, Pinoy trends, practical home solutions, celebrity conversations, music, family and relationship
stories done the fun and engaging “Kris Aquino” way

Being Kris has it’s perks. Oh my, she spends money like she drinks water. Must be nice to be able to buy everything & anything without considering the cost & not thinking of saving for the future! @_@ She buys things left & right without blinking, but she’s also very generous to people she loves.

One of my fascinations with her is her nesting place.. or places, I should say! ;) She is like a migratory bird, she can keep moving & still make her home just that, a home! (okay, not really a home but a bee-yootiful & uber comfortable place to live in!)

Recently, Kris featured her 2 latest condos in her show KRIS TV. It’s actually 2 condos occupying the whole floor, which she connected together to form one unit. She’s a wise investor, she thought of the kids’ future so these 2 condos are for her 2 sons who occupy the master’s bedrooms. What a very generous mom! <3

Click here to watch the 1st part
Click here to watch the 2nd part
Click here to watch the last part

I’ve been to several big houses but Kris always manages to make her homes top anything I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s because she buys from the heart. She doesn’t think “ay, sayang” so she goes ahead & buys things which many might deem “temporary” & go for the more “stable” (read: boring) furnishings. Like the jeepney bed she had custom-made for her son. Others wouldn’t buy a real jeepney & have it converted into a bed! @_@ Think cost!!! Nope, others (like me) would buy something more streamlined that can be handed down, or would be easy to sell in the future. And she has not 1.. not 2.. but FOUR kitchens!!! One thing nice about her furniture are they’re all proudly pinoy made. Mostly by Kenneth Cobonpue

What a fun mom! :) She had this real jeep custom made for Josh! :)
Complete with his name on the hood! ;))

And don’t get me started on her closet!!! @_@ I’ve tried looking for a picture but I couldn’t, so you will have to view it in the link above, part 1 I think. OMG, it’s every woman’s dream.. and more!!! She has the very chic Cynthia & Ivy Almario as designers. I want them as my designers too when we finally have enough moolah to build our dream house, hahaha!!!

I know these are all just the material aspect. Her life really isn’t easy. It can even be described as SAD, maybe. But she makes the most out of her life. She’s a classic example of When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Which at least makes you want to be proud of her, despite all the mistakes she has done along the way. Who among us is perfect, anyway? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. -John 8:7

Years have come & gone, the Harry Potter series has come to an end, but the fact remains.. I heart Kris! ;))) Have a great week, everyone! <3

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