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#Hyatt1 – Happy Anniversary Hyatt City of Dreams Manila!

I’ve never been a party girl but I do like dressing up. I always have -even as a plus size later on in life. So whenever the occasion permits, I try to look nice & dress to the nines.

However, Kap is a different story. He is the down to my up. The low to my high so to speak. :P As you know, he’s very simple & low key, and he tries to get away with dressing as ruggedly as he possibly can. Hanggang makakalusotAng resulta, hindi kami photogenic together!

For Hyatt City of Dream Manila‘s first year anniversary, we received an exclusive invite to join the HCOD family for a night of fun & merriment, celebrating it’s milestone.

Now I don’t know why I didn’t think ahead & seriously plan my OOTD (or more appropriately, OOTN – outfit of the night) to think the event was in celebration of a very special occasion! I think I’m just overly comfy & at home with Hyatt City of Dreams Manila that I don’t see it anymore as a hotel, but as a second home. Hence the comfort-zone levelz.

So we dressed ruggedly – me in black leggings & a new top with comfy fitflops that matched it hehe (I knooooow!) and Kap with sneakers that also matched the color of his shirt (ganyan talaga ang mga tumatanda. Color-coordinated!), we braved the traffic & headed for Hyatt City of Dreams Manila.

While stuck in a vehicular war zone, I started looking over Instagram & searched for the hashtag #hyatt1 to see what’s going on & what I’m missing because the cars ahead just weren’t moving. Lo & behold, I see the men in tux & the ladies in beautiful cocktail dresses. My eyes bulged! Noooooooo. I get a chance to dress up & I’m actually dressed down. Then I turn & look at Kap. And this time I really scream out loud. NOOOOOOOO. Kahihiyan kami ng Ayala Alabang. And so, we made a u-turn midway & headed home to change pronto! The peacock’s plumes thy tackle must not fail!


Actually, our in-house fashion police MADE us go back. She threatened to disown us if we didn’t change. Hahaha!

Hyatt, City of Dreams Manila

City of Dreams, Aseana Avenue cor. Roxas Blvd Baclaran, Parañaque

Kap & I agreed to make a dash & meet downstairs in 5 minutes. I hurriedly changed & stopped dead in my tracks when I saw him. Really? Nagpalit ka lang ng sapatos at nagpatong ng jacket na may buwayang logo, spiffy na yan??? But there was no time to spare as we were to head back out to the carmaggedon. So I let him be. Anyway, what’s important is that I look fine & dandy. Bahala na sa kanya si Batman! :P


No. That sign is not for “isa pang chicken joy!” Happy 1st anniversary Hyatt City of Dreams Manila! <3 May your “1” multiply by tens of thousands and may you spread even more joy & FUN-tabulousness to your many patrons in the years to come! :-*



My first time to see City of Dreams Manila’s grand ballroom and my oh my, was it GRAND! Someone is turning 18 in 2 years time. Let’s see! Kayod pa more, Kap. ;)



My bad boy & the GQ models of Hyatt City of Dreams Manila. Sales & Marketing Director Francis David (below), MarCom Manager Jose Badelles (left), and MarCom Assistant Manager Joshua Hernandez (top right).



Food & drinks were free-flowing. Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, after all, is known for its yummy & generous spread.




After having my fill, I zeroed in on these delightful cookies & kept going back for more! <3 Kudos to the pastry chef, now I’m really going to look for this every time I indulge in The Cafe‘s buffet!



It’s really hard not to fall in love with Hyatt. It’s all smiles the minute you set foot until the moment you leave. Dining & staying at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila gives you one hecka happy & homey experience that you won’t soon forget. <3 #AllSmilesForHyatt1



Because the yellow & purple-colored floral prints on my #OOTN called for both, Red & White wine please. Bottoms up! ;)



Do you know what happens when you drink? Well, you loosen up & unleash your groove on the dance floor! Super enjoyed the repertoire of the POWERHOUSE Band featuring hits from the 70’s to the 90’s. Mapapa-indak ka talaga..



And whadya know? These Men (and ladies) at Work can certainly WERQ it! There’s Francis struttin’ & leading the pack on the dance floor, woot woot! It’s during parties like this that you get to know people up close & personal. Hindi pala sila demure at kagalang-galang pagdating sa sayawan hahaha! ;P



Okay I take it back, I have to admit, we still look photogenic two-gether even with the clashing outfits. Robin Padilla & Sharon Cuneta lang ang peg namin. #SiBadBoyAtSiMam


PicMonkey Collage

Oh yes I dare. LOL!



At Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, the thoughtfulness never stops. Went home with sweets that kept me smiling the whole ride through.



Thank you so much Francis, Ouie, Josh, and Hyatt City of Dreams Manila for letting us be a part of your happy milestone. I have to admit though, after that dance number, we can never look at you gentlemen the same way again! :-*


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