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Oktoberfest at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

Kap is not an alcohol drinker. He gets hives & palpitates when he drinks. Which is good, I guess. His only bisyo is work, food & sports -not necessarily in that order. Oh, and insert me pala in between (and a naughty grin here). Ang swerte ko diba? Ako na ang pinagpala!

I on the other hand, am what you call a social drinker. Sosyal na drinker, lels. Seriously, I only drink when you put a glass of in front of me. If you refill it, I won’t stop ya. :P But I limit myself to just good wine, fun cocktails & the occasional beer. I can’t do hard.

Which is why I was happy to celebrate my Hunny’s birth month with a glass (or 2, or maybe 3) of imported beers such as Weihenstephan & Paulaner from Germany, Newcaste Brown Ale from England, Stella & Leffe Blonde from Belgium, Estrella from Spain, BrewDog from Scotland, Corona from Mexico, and Tsing Tao from China at The CafeHyatt City of Dreams Manila last night. PROST!


As usual, it’s been a busy busy week for Kap & I so we welcomed this relaxing date night. Him for the grub, and me? Well for, let’s just say, “all of the above” and then some! :P

And who should we see as soon as we entered one of our favorite buffet places in Manila but Mr. Perk & Personality himself, Ouie -or Jose T. Badelles (his more formal & kagalang-galang stage name, lol). Ever busy, always on top of things making sure his event was flawless. And just like that, our night was off to a good start already! <3


Ouie warmly welcomed us & gave us bracelets. To distinguish regular diners from the Oktoberfest attendees, guests opting for the special event are given bracelets for the sectioned-off area. If you want the regular fare, the usual buffet is still available for your enjoyment with the addition of some German dishes. The only difference is the free-flowing beer.

From October 8-11, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila celebrates Octoberfest at The Cafe from 6-10:30 pm. Merry-making made more fun with german food, imported beers, and live music from an Oompah band Die Dorff Fest Kapelle (very limited seats available for their crazily fun performances) available ONLY yesterday & TOMORROW – October 10! (Do call 691 1234 to reserve your seat now for only Php 2,388 net per person.) I’m afraid the Friday & Sunday THEMED dinners are already fully booked. (Regular tables, meaning for those who are not participating in the Oktoberfest, are still available. But do call for reservations to be sure.)



Entertainment at Hyatt City of Dream’s Prost! is by the very fun & lively German oompah band Die Dorff Fest Kapelle.



Opening the act for the German Oompah is the very Pinoy BRASS MUNKEYS band who did a very good job! *insert clap here*

The Cafe, Hyatt City Of Dreams Manila

Asean Avenue corner Roxas Blvd. Entertainment City, Parañaque, Manila,  Philippines1701 Tel: +63 2 691 1234


Hyatt City of Dreams Manila has been going on a high streak win with hits after hits of their themed events these past months. CLICK HERE for my previous post on their Szechuan Buffet, and CLICK HERE for the more recent American Food Fest (with a toned-down blog post kasi may Diplomat kaya behaved ang beauty ko). Now, another big bang takes centerstage with Oktoberfest 2015. I’m so loving this blue & white theme complete with costumed staff! <3 You know me & costumes, we go well together. In fact I asked Ouie if I can borrow a cute outfit, unfortunately try as I might, it just won’t fit! Boo! :'(



Kudos to The Cafe, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila team for pulling this off! \m/ You can tell it took passion & dedication from everyone to make Oktoberfest 2015 another huge success.



If you’re a beer drinker, sulit na sulit your 2,388 php net with the free-flowing drinks alone that range from local to imported. Among all the beers I’ve tasted, this fruity one from Scotland is the winner for me! If you decide to go for Hyatt City of Dream Manila‘s Oktoberfest, then make sure BREWDOG DEAD PONY CLUB makes it to your list.



At the helm of the Oktoberfest 2015 spread are Executive Chef Michael Luedtke (R) and Executive Sous Chef Heiko Reichel (L). So this fare is as authentic as you can get! ;)



As you know, I normally go for my favorites first in a buffet -like the Japanese & Carving stations. But I wanted to leave A LOT of tummy space for German food so I went in for the kill right away & started with the Pork Knuckles paired with Sauerkraut. I’m telling you, it did not disappoint.



Next on my list were the sausages. Goes oh so well with the pretzels & beer. I don’t know how many times I said PROST! to my table mates every time we’d take a mouthful of sausage followed by a big gulp of beer. I lost count -really!



My all-German plate with sausages, schnitzel, pork knuckles, crispy camembert, smoked pork roast, German bread pudding and many more. No shame. :P Wait, that’s a French baguette right? Oh well, pareho namang European. Pwede na rin. Pak!



With all the pretzels I ate I really shouldn’t have attempted to go to the dessert table to “take a look-see”. Those candied apples were such tease, I swear. The shiny, shimmering, red juicy apples called out to me with no disregard for my high sugar blood levels! @_@



Since it was a German-themed buffet, of course I had to try these yummy German dessert for the sake of my blog, so that I may report to you! I am after all, a responsible journalist. ;P I am pleased to say they have passed my inspection hehe.



And how do you say no to cookies that spell out your term of endearment for each other, right? You just can’t. Gah, the sacrifices I had to make last night. *Nibble nibble*



I’m happy to say that I wasn’t the only one who had gone over my sugar quota. I caught my cousin  RICHARD with these 2 giant jars of Nutella. Nakawala kay Irene. Oist, tig-isa tayo ibalik mo yan!



Do not dismay. You don’t go home empty-handed. You get to bring home a souvenir of your Oktoberfest 2015 experience from The Cafe, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila! The beer mug is yours. How neat is that?

Danke Sehr to my dear, dear friends over at Hyatt City of Dreams, Sales & Marketing Director Francis David, MarCom Manager Jose Badelles, MarCom Assistant Manager Joshua Hernandez , and F&B Manager Stijn van Leeuwen for another gastronomical & fun-filled dinner! We have definitely started off my Hunny’s birth month with a loud bang. <3

Everyone had a jolly good time. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this video. I see happy, wasted (very cooperative) people hahaha! Now remember, what happens in Hyatt STAYS in Hyatt. ;)

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