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Ate’s Birthday Staycation at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila!

Fresh from our very tiring HK sojourn, I decided to have a bit of R&R for the GOppets gals. We truly deserve a vacation from our vacation –hindi ako maka getover sa pinagdaanan ko, lol. This time, walking & going out is prohibited. Bawal ang lakad at kaganapan. We are to be sequestered in the comforts of our posh Club Room at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila & will only move to eat (and use the bathroom in some cases, lol). Sleeping is the name of the game. Deep slumber amidst the cool air-conditioning, plush duvet & thick mattress.



Checking in at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila for the Club Room was a breeze, we were led to the 7th floor Club Lounge. I just sat, struck my donya-like pose, and they did all the “heavy lifting”. Now THIS is my kind of holiday! <3 I signed some paperworks, gave my credit card details & voila, our very relaxing staycation started.



While mommy was pretending to be a Donya, the kids waited & enjoyed the all-day dry snacks provided for guests on the 6th, 7th, & 8th Club Room floors (all 40 of ’em). Marshmallows, kropec, gummies, nuts, & cookies galore. The works! Para silang Hansel & Gretel.


A little (or a lot of) Aldub on the side. Argh, there is no escaping this phenomenon! :)) The Club Lounge is updated on the latest in current affairs, sports, fashion, and yes even chika!


For an additional minimal fee of around 3-4k, the Club Room affords all the meals & beverages you’ll ever need during your stay, extra comforts & VIP treatment, something I have missed sorely from our just concluded out of the country expedition. (As I’m sure you know!) Truly, there is no place like home, and being spoiled & pampered at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, the GOppets gals were finally home sweet home.



The girls & I enjoyed a Club Twin on the 7th floor.

Given the choice between eating & sleeping, my 2 older kids would choose the latter. They are so sleep-deprived that slumber is now their bff & would nod off any chance they get. Pre-med is no joke, their thick books alone put me to dreamlandia. I feel so bad for the kids that I really do my best to make it up for their efforts whenever I can.

They get up so early for school & go to sleep so late doing homework & studying that during weekends, all they want to do is veg out & chill. So what perfect gift to give Ate for her 21st birthday than an all-girls staycation! She can sleep all she wants & eat whenever she feels like it without me having to worry about her meal time. #helloroomservice


Between the 2 girls, Ate is the 50/50 of her Dad & me. She can do either lazy or active, depending on who she’s with. #balimbing Meanwhile, itong si bunso ang 100% mommy, hahaha! :P #lazybonediva



SEE? ;)) tulog na agad!

Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City, Parañaque (02) 691 1234

Booking the Club Room at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila for her birthday weekend right after our trip was the smartest choice I made, and a gift greatly appreciated by my soon-to-be-doctor. Tapos na ang shopping, pampering naman. After quickly & conveniently checking in on the 7th floor & indulging on a treasure trove of snacks from the Club Lounge, she burrowed under the plush duvet & fell into a deep sleep.


At 51 sq. m., this is by far the biggest room we have stayed in. Pwedeng mag-ballroom dancing! :P



The Club Lounge on the 7th floor provides “dry snacks” & beverages all day long to keep your hunger at bay. But come 6am, 2pm & 6pm, they prepare something special for their guests staying on the Club Floor. My Lovey & I enjoyed a delightful afternoon tea while Ate gently snored away..


Checking in at the Club Room of Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, all your worries are laid to rest. All day snacks & drinks are provided. \m/ No need for a quick stop-over at the grocery as we Pinoys are prone to do. #aminin



Sleeping beauty wouldn’t budge. Thank goodness for my Lovey who is my forever companion. After a quick nap, we enjoyed a Mommy & Me tea time just outside Ate‘s door on the very same floor. She would have loved the salmon half-faced sandwich & chewy cookies. I know I did! ;)

When on staycation mode, Ate would always pack an outfit for the gym because we have a tendency to overeat at buffets. She’d drag her siblings with her as company for either a swim or a run. This time though, she stuck to her uber comfy bed & slept like a log. Her bed must have been one hecka special for her to skip exercise.


The pool looks very inviting, I have to say.



Hmmmnnn.. this one, not so much. Teehee! :P

I was a little worried that Ate would sleep the whole day away. She’d have been seriously disappointed to find out she missed a lovely spread. I’m glad she finally woke up in time for cocktails (which can actually pass for dinner).


At the Club Lounge, their motto is eat all you can, drink all you can. I am now their #1 fan! ;) The wines & spritzes invite you to partake. Wag nang mahiya!



I have always loved the freshest sushi choices at The Cafe, so it was a very pleasant surprise to find my faves among the cocktail spread! <3



Dimsum & cheese, anyone?



My happy plates. The girls were staring at me badly as I sat down followed by a staff carrying even more plates behind me. I justified my bingeing by saying HEY, THEY HAVE VERY SMALL PLATES! :P


Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

Just like Aldub, there is also no escaping homework! @_@ Ate alternated between eating & studying. Kawawa. The Club’s tea provision eased her sore throat. You’ll notice on the video below that she’s a little paos. The Club Lounge really made our stay ultra comfy & answered all of our needs. <3



Your stay in a Club Room includes unlimited access to the Club Lounge for up to 2 adults & 2 children below 12 years old (per room). For an additional person, a minimal 1.5k charge is applied. If you like wine like I do, lemme tell you, 1.5k is very very sulit. Hic. Cheers to you Ate on your 21st birthday! :-*



The staff must have heard our little toast because lo & behold, out came this lovely group singing Happy Birthday to my eldest child just as we were about to leave. <3 Thank you so much Hyatt City of Dreams Manila for the surprise & the love! Truly, our home away from home! Thank you EJ (Club Lounge Supervisor), Melody, and Nikki for the extra special effort in celebration of my darling’s 21st birthday! You have made us very happy & oh so touched with your kindness & thoughtfulness. Kudos to Chef Herbert for the fantabulous spread. Yummy all the way!




We were so full that we decided a teensy little walking wouldn’t do us harm. Eeeep! Hindi pala.. Shopping! My cards are all maxed out. RETREAT! ;)

Not a heavy eater, the simple fare filled them up & satiated my girls’ appetite. We went back to the room after just a few minutes of exploration & I drew them a scented bath. Hyatt City of Dreams Manila so thoughtfully provided a complete set of toiletries & some fragrant salts which I quickly dissolved for a relaxing bath.


There’s even a checklist for the complimentary toiletries you may want in addition to what is already provided. Masubukan nga. His & Hers deodorants please? And within 5 minutes, a knock – and my supplies came. Very impressive wouldn’t you say? Pati Deo meron, hindi ko kinaya!



And because I am still in awe, here is a BIGGER photo of the list of things you can ask for, compliments of Hyatt City of Dreams Manila! Go cray-cray! #pinoymovement



We are renovating soon, so my girls took photos of the deep sink & tub, as well as a rain shower for their bathroom peg.


PicMonkey Collage12

My little mermaid. <3

I so enjoyed our HUGE & comfy bathroom. Nagkasya kaming 3 just like mine back home! it’s really like home sweet home at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila! <3

The hot bath pampered the girls so much that any & all attempts at a fun night out was quelched. Their relaxed state combined with the super comfy bed, cold temperature, and full tummies got them yawning & mewing contentedly on the bed. So much for an exciting evening, lol.

But I really didn’t mind because staycations, after all, are meant for just that. Staying in & getting pampered. This was, honest to goodness, probably the most relaxing staycation we’ve ever had. Just lounging in our jammies & staying on our bed. Another ultimate bonding experience that is far from the usual busy & activity-filled itinerary.

I have to say, I got a little stressed when Ate tried out this limited edition Linda Farrow sunnies worth 15k. Whew, buti nalang hindi nya type! @_@

I go—


How did I ever get so lucky? Happy 21st birthday Ate! I wish you a lifetime of happiness, continuous accomplishments, and perpetual success. I love you so very much & I thank God for you each & every day.

Meanwhile, guess who snuck out for some cookies when the girls dozed off! :P I CAN NOT keep away from Hyatt’s soft, chewy cookies. They simple are THE BOMB! <3 <3 <3



Our pet-peeve when staying in hotels is having to get up early for breakfast. Lazy Sundays are meant to be for lounging, don’t you agree? The Club Lounge was perfect because we didn’t have to dress up to eat. (No PJ’s & slippers allowed though. Comfy is the key.) We could be as casual as can be & eat unhurriedly. And the crowd was controlled, only those who had access to Club Rooms can enter the Lounge & enjoy all the complimentary perks that came with it. So it was a nice, peaceful breakfast.



Peek-a-boo! My dearest girls, mommy will always watch over you, come what may. :-*



Breakfast display. Again, additional fee for person in excess of the allotted quota per room. But still, this fab spread is so worth it.



I loved the pulpy freshly squeezed OJ. <3



Gooood morning from the Club Lounge at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila!🌦 Rise & shine to this beautiful breakfast plate with ham & eggs. Love my cheesy omelette with everything on it, and hot chewy bacon washed down with freshly-squeezed OJ & brewed coffee. Can a lazy Sunday be any more relaxing than this? No rushing, no talking, no kilay, no ligo (yet). Just enjoying my plate, my girls, and the calming view of the bay.




Me & my girls, always three-gether. <3




Because friends are people you can use & abuse (author unknown), and I’d like to think Chef & I are already BFF’s with the number of times I approached his live kitchen, lol. Nilahat ko na! Name it, I ate it. Omelette, bacon, lugaw, noodle soup, and para hindi magtampo at naecha-pwera, dimsum na rin! :P



Tada! :P

For an additional fee, it really pays to stay at the Club Room. All your meals & beverages are already included from morning til night. Plus concierge is right outside your door, ready for any requests you may make.

I hope you had a happy & relaxing weekend Ate. Damay kami ni Jena sa birthday gift mo. Thank you for sharing your staycation with us. <3

And thank you, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, for such a lovely weekend.

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