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Hwaroin Korean Restaurant

Watching the CINEMALAYA movie SUNDALONG KANIN the 2nd time around just by ourselves gave Kap & me the chance to go on a dinner date in Malate right after. He used to live in the area when he was much younger, so we decided to cruise & see where we can eat.

Now the only food I can eat-all-I-want & enjoy guilt-free are: Japanese sashimi, Steak, or Korean yakiniku. We found HWAROIN KOREAN RESTAURANT, a Yakiniku place that was crawling with Koreans so we guessed it’s as authentic as can be. ;)


Hwaro-In Korean Grill Malate

Unit 101 Splendor’s Bldg, J Bocobo Street, Malate Manila (02 5540283)

Business Hours: 11AM – 4AM






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Kap can actually pass as one, lels! :P FAN-GIRL MOMENT! ;P



The lovely Banchan spread that can always out a smile on my face. <3



I’ve always loved lettuce wrap so I didn’t miss rice much. The lettuce gives a nice balance to the natural saltiness of the meats.


USAM GYUP (Pork Belly) 350 php. I was pretty surprised how much sliced meat was on the platter. And yes, it made me very very happy indeed! ;)

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And because I don’t know how to cook, and I fear getting burned.. our server gallantly cooks for us. Thank you!! <3


Dwaej Bulgogi 300 php. So spicy that it brought happy tears to my eyes! <3

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Korean food is well-known for being spicy, flavorful and delicious. But did you know that Korean cuisine also offers numerous health benefits? Korean cuisine is so healthy that South Korea boasts of an obesity rate of just 3.5%. Aside from anti-obesity tendencies of eating Korean food, you can also take in these health benefits from their cuisines:

  • Lower risks for cardiovascular diseases like hypertension as well as neurological illnesses like strokes and dementia
  • Lower risks for certain types of cancer because of the anti-carcinogenic properties of vegetables
  • Stronger internal organs especially the liver and the kidneys
  • Better digestion because of increased appetite for easily digestible food
  • Stronger bones due to the presence of isoflavones in beans and mushrooms
  • Healthier skin since there are lesser amounts of preservatives



Fried Fish 300 php.


A happy tummy makes for a very happy wife that leads to Kap having a happy life! ;))


I love exploring with Kap. Once in a while we find hidden gems, and this is definitely one of them. I believe we found a keeper in this restaurant & will definitely go back again & again. 1.) It’s very clean & decent, 2.) Super value for money – the servings are really big, and 3.) the Staff are very courteous & the owner who is a Korean national mans the restaurant so quality & good service is guaranteed.

Yay all around! ;)

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