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During the long holidaze, we had time to go around Manila as a family & look at christmas lights on display. The parentals can’t walk a long distance (and erm, neither can I) so we just coasted by car and tried to get as close as possible & enjoy the christmas scenery. Plus let’s not forget people watching which is the best pastime of all! ;P

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This beautiful photo belongs to Jovie Naval/treklens.

Roxas Blvd. is the most alive place at night. Walang tulugan!  As we cruised the bay area, we chanced upon HOTEL JEN, which we found out, used to be TRADER’s HOTEL, part of the Shangri-la hotel chain.

And we all know that if its from Shangri-la, then it must be good. So we gave it a try.

Sure, we can be boring & go to old time favorites time & again. But the GOppets choose to be spontaneous & discover new places together. There’s fun in mysteries & surprises even though you don’t get a sure hit all the time. Life is, after all, about taking chances. ;)

Latitude, Hotel Jen (Traders Hotel)

Traders Hotel, 3001 Roxas Blvd. Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay (02) 523-7011 loc. 2402



Rated 4-stars, Hotel Jen is a very simple, no frills businessman’s hotel. Very dressed down.


At 1k a pop, I meant not to compare Hotel Jen with other existing buffet spreads because we were in a hotel after all. But it’s really hard not to compare the measly offerings with the rest of the non-hotel buffets that feature a whole lot more for a whole lot less. –> (DO READ MY PREVIOUS POST, CLICK HERE) Although I have to say, this was a step up from the last one we went to.


On the bright side, it’s not as crowded. I cannot imagine taking the parentals to a very crowded restaurant. That would be hara-kiri. STRESS SA CHEST!



There were a few hot dishes featuring local & international cuisines.



One thing nice about my family is no place is really so bad for us. We try & make the most out of a situation we are placed in. And the kids are all champs. Game for any adventure & even misadventures. I’m one lucky mom. <3



Kap loves bulalo and had several cups of this tasty broth.




While the rest of us tried the hot dish offerings: (clockwise from top) Sugpo, Pineapple Pork, Beef Spareribs, Curried Turkey, Bangus Steak, Tofu Teriyaki, and Spicy Mixed Seafood.


Although the food wasn’t very impressive, what’s important is faMEALy time. Getting together with loved ones & breaking bread together while talking about life in general. It’s not often that the moms get to come with us so we really make the most out of our fellowship & try to make it a happy occasion. Yes, regardless of the quality (or sometimes lack of it) of food. ;)


One thing that sorely stood out though is that the staff weren’t very friendly. From the receptionist, to the carver, to the waiters. Which is a big no-no for me. You can get away with unappetizing food, but not bad service.


Beef Short Plate. Would have been great except it was really fatty, chewy & malitid.






At least the dessert station had a little more substance than the last one we went to. :P


And the kids liked the bread pudding.



Halo-halo station.

The buffet comes with drinks. So there’s at least that..


Lemon iced tea & Red iced tea.


and coffee.

It actually wasn’t that bad. It just wasn’t good either. But it’s at least a step up from the last fiasco. :P

And like I said, the GOppets can be happy in any situation as long as we’re together. ;)) Or maybe it’s also because of the sugar rush, lels. See the sequence from hyper to catatonic. Never a boring moment with Kap & the kiddos.. welcome to my world! :))

PicMonkey Collage2

Oh! and how’s this for added service? A charging station. 1 pogi point, yay! \m/


I wonder how this works. You just leave it there? Won’t it get stolen though? O babantayan mo?


For as long as we are together, we will continue taking adventures. Tara na, sali kayo! ;)

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