Hot Lips, Tropical fishes & Cupcakes

I’m normally ahead of schedule where my kids’ needs are concerned. Except when they refuse to cooperate -intentionally or unintentionally. ;P
Ate had a birthday party to attend the other night, and she didn’t have an appropriate evening bag yet on the day itself! It’s not that we haven’t looked. But that she couldn’t find any to her liking. Of course, looking for a bag in hot pink doesn’t help. I mean honestly, how many bag makers make bags in pink right? So I really understood her dilemma. 

Her orange dress has a fuschia pink peekaboo under the skirt which sticks out a little as a flash of color to her already bright dress. So we decided her accessories should be in fuschia as well -thus the search for hot pink shoes & bag.


As a last resort, we went to BCG to look for cocktail bags. She actually saw a pink LIP bag in Aldo’s closer to home that was acceptable, except it had ink marks & was aesthetically spoiled. No price markdown would make me pay for a damaged product. I consider it a complete waste of money. Sales are well and good, but damaged goods? No way.

My uber fashionista girls in Serendra <3
So I forced & dragged her to go to BGC since I knew there was an ALDO’s store there. As well as other stores that MAY carry a pink bag or two. She was actually fine with going without a bag, but I felt better knowing she had her phone, some cash & essentials with her, seeing her event was in makati & I wouldn’t be able to get in touch with her. *panic mode
Of course, and as usual, my 2 lovely girls were sidetracked..
Topshop sale in Serendra. :P
But we eventually got to what we went for. Thankfully, the Aldo’s branch in BCG carried the LIP bag in many colors (pink, red at 50% off, nude & black), undamaged ones.. plus on Sale at 30% off. YAY!!! m/
Lip bag, 1.5k from 2k
Like I said, ate is a non-conformist. She’s not happy with just regular bags. Kailangan talaga may ooomph & character! @_@
My Lovey also found cocktail bags to her liking, which were 50% off from 2.2k. So I bought her a couple as well. Girls & bags, they go hand in hand, right? You never know when she’ll need one. Better to act like a girl scout & always be prepared. ;P

                          and nahahawa na si bunso! @_@

I was so glad we were able to complete ate’s look for the debut of her childhood bff. She doesn’t go to parties much, so I really indulge her & go all the way when she does get invited to one.
Another debut of a good friend of hers is coming up in less than 2 months. Another outfit, another pair of shoe, another cocktail bag.. so help me God. @_@
Debutante in the making. <3
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