Hot Hot Hot!

It’s sooo crazy HOT! The airconditioner is not enough. Lately, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat that I’ve had to take quickie showers in between sleep to keep me sane. Which means I’ve been waking up late too. As in NOON! Pag gising ko the kids have been to the gym already. Half of my day gone. Good thing I don’t have a job to worry about. #blessing And this little gadget has been my BFF day and night. It may be small but it packs a mean punch & keeps me going for hours.

Thank goodness for this rechargeable fan/light that I bought in True Value a couple of years ago in cases of power outage.
Can last up to 6-8 hours.
I think the heat is just getting to me though, cause whenever I turn on the big fan in our room when the small one isn’t enough, the people around me start shivering & their comforters are clutched tightly over their heads, LELs. Even Jela who’s coated with fur starts shaking! @_@ Kawawa. Meanwhile, there I am lying spread-eagle with no blanket & still sweating. Oh no, it may be the onset of my menaupausal stage. Yikes,
Our lovable lazy dog. <3
Just like her mommah!

And I’ve been so lazy. As in. Thank you for your emails, and thank you for missing me. You guys are just the sweetest, I’m so touched! :-* But lately it’s like even blogging takes the strength out of me. I’m always feeling soooo HOT! I’m scared to even take a peek of our electric bill.

I’m so glad our neighborhood Rustan’s Express Lane (now Rustan’s Supermarket Fresh) finally opened again this summer after some extensive renovation. It’s now bigger & better. Ice cream is now just a hop, a skip, and a jump away. YAY! m/

Ayala Alabang Branch
2 Tanauan St. corner Nasugbu St., Ayala Alabang Village
Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number (+63 2) 807-1997
Fax (+63 2) 807-1996
IKR! Mukhang legit grocery na sya talaga! KEWL!!! m/
Rustan’s Fresh also sells ready to eat items.
Special thanks to my ate for taking these pictures for me! :-*
With a starbucks to boot! Oh di ba? Ang sosyal? We have our own starbucks in the village! ;P

The kids have been going crazy driving there daily just to buy magnum ice cream in all flavors, or popping in starbucks for fraps.

Our swimming pool remains unused though. Even Jela is snubbing it. Patabunan ko nalang kaya? They prefer to swim at their tita Marita’s. Mas malaki kasi haha, may jacuzzi pa! :P

Our out-dated pool. Kawawa, walang pumapansin! :P

Hay. On one hand, I don’t want summer to be over because then it means the kids have to go back to school & I’ll miss them terribly. On the other hand, I can’t wait to get over this HOT weather already. I’m literally WILTING huhuhu.

Speaking of school, I’m at a dilemma if I should transfer my Lovey because of the new K-12 program the President of the Philippines has adopted. He says, and I quote, “The K to 12 program aims to advance the competencies of Filipino graduates to enable them to stand at par with global practices and remain equipped with relevant skills and knowledge in their chosen profession.” Oh my gulay why add a year??? Eh di ayusin ang curriculum instead?! And I beg to disagree, I think it depends on the school. Most private/exclusive school in the philippines are already at PAR! Shouldn’t he have looked in the other direction, say the public school system, instead? Not the exclusive schools na sana. This is just a waste of time & money!

Because of the K-12 program, My Lovey will be graduating high school in 5 years time instead of 4, Another year of her life wasted in high school instead of crossing on over to college agad. Nag grade 7 na nga may grade 8 pa. Over! @_@ 5 years + another 8 years in med school (yes lucky me, the kids ALL want to go to med school) kailan pa sya matatapos?
There’s a school nearby where they skip all grade school graduating students 1 year level ahead so they can still graduate in 4 years time. However, their application is already closed. Kap & I are trying to move heaven & earth to get her in. This year is her only window, we’re really keeping our fingers crossed.

Kap, however, is somewhat worried that our docile baby girl might not fit in in a big school. She’s really very shy & timid (so unlike her strong-willed parents haha!). So he’s more “stay in the old school” than “go to a new one”. While I’m thinking, her ate made it in the big bad world out there, I’m sure our little can can too. Decisions, decisions. Que Sera sera.

In the meantime, can anyone help??? PLEASE??? Techoy!!!! So she & Monica can be classmates & bffs!!!  ;))

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