Ang mokong, nakakita lang ng tubig, tumalon agad! Wallet, celphone, and all! That’s how excited the hubster was when he saw the sparkling beach water. So deprived of the sea, kawawa naman lels. So yesterday, we had to buy a replacement phone because his BB died -from drowning! ;)) At least yung tig-be-bente pesos nyang tanging laman ng wallet na ma-swerte, pwede i-blowdry. Alas, the BB didn’t make it. What a cruel, cruel world! ;P

All his contacts, down the drain, nyehehe. Paano, he’s not a techie (or refuses to be), so he wasn’t able to back-up his contacts -at all. Should I be happy, or sad??? *evil grin. Karma for making me suffer the broken aircon last weekend hmp!

We went to our trusted cellphone dealer, Chris Advento for a replacement unit. He really gives the best price among his competitors in ATC that’s why everyone flocks to him.

Hit up Chris for your cellphone needs. 09175841108
Samsung S3-mini 12k, Samsung Galaxy Grand 16k.
Guess which one Kap chose hehe.

With the cellphone ordeal over, and after our HANGOVER 3 movie date, he indulged my Indian food craving by taking me to HOSSEIN’s for an early dinner. This was really a big sacrifice on his part because he doesn’t DO indian haha. Actually he doesn’t DO a whole lot of cuisines. Chinese food lang sya, period. Filipino & japanese cuisines he can take. Sometimes Korean & American too. Or spanish if he really really has to. But the rest? It’s like forcing an aswang to eat bawang! ;))

Hossein’s Persian, Arab & Indian Cuisine

I really appreciated his humongous effort to make me happy..

that I kinda felt bad for him.
All his pa-sweldo & pa-utang to his employees were on that phone.
As well as billing statements for his clients.
He is SO getting a notebook for father’s day. ;)) 
and just look at THAT amused smile as he caught me taking his picture so I can mock him in my blog. :P
He was really VERY worried & was busy making notes, trying to remember everything he listed on his phone.
Ang kawawa kong asawa! ;)

But still, I enjoyed my food. Salbahe talaga ako! ;P Well, it’s not often that he is stupefied enough to let me eat Indian. Even with the kids I can’t get away with eating Indian so this was really my one & only chance. Therefore, I enjoyed myself! m/

Vegetable Samosa 220 php
Deep fried pastries stuffed with veg., Persian spices, hint of cumin & Indian essence. Served with chutney.
An Indian curry dish, tangy, lightly spiced cooked with vinegar, South Asian essence and Persian spices 
The classic South Asian Yellow rice, long grain, fluffy & light cooked delicately with chicken then sauteed with Persian essence and Indian spices with a hint of cinnamon and sprinkled with raisins
CHAPATI 55 php x2
The Indian subcontinent’s staple bread of circular flattened whole wheat bread, thin, firm, and baked. a part of India’s history

Yellow peas cooked in curry sauce

I really loved how all the spices provided my food with a burst of wonderful, exotic flavors. I don’t understand why my brood doesn’t like Indian cuisine!

Kap was so worried about the corrupted lists & important contacts on his VERY DEAD phone that he didn’t even blink an eye when our bill came. Come to think of it, he was kinda spaced out as well while I was ordering food to my heart’s tummy’s content. He was like a robot as he chewed (I don’t think he even tasted our food haha) & when he handed over his credit card to our waiter. If I didn’t feel bad for him I would have rolled on the floor laughing! I’m really soooo BAD! :))

This is actually a good lesson for all of us, including you, my dear readers. That we should ALWAYS back up important details on our phone/iPad coz we never know when our gadgets will crash.. or in my Kap’s case, when he will get crazy & jump into the big blue sea! :P

PS: This is me in my past indian life! ;))

Hay. Ang sexy ko! ;P
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