Home for the Holidays

My dearest friend Med invited us to her lovely home during the holiday break. Med is my exact opposite. She’s teeny tiny and is a yoga & fitness junkie where I’m “cuddly” & like to hibernate all year round. She’s petite where I’m somewhat half a head taller (and a 2 hips wider). She’s dainty & demure where I’m brash & talkative. :P She’s Martha Stewart personified where I’m.. okay let’s skip this part. Kawawa naman ako masyado nang naaabuso. ;P



My top from Criselda Lontok Rustan’s, leggings from Forever 21 Plus Size. Cross necklace from River Island, and Fitflops. ;)
I like to color-coordinate.


Anyway, I’ve been wanting to visit her lovely home for the longest time & I’ve been sending her hints here & there. Stronger this holiday season that she finally gave in & invited us haha. Talk about pressure! I have this nasty habit of going for what I want! ;))


Med & I became friends because her husband & mine were college buddies. Her husband is also my Lovey’s ninong. But because we had our own families to attend to through the years, we didn’t get to see much of each other.


It’s only when I started blogging that Med & I got closer. Apparently, she reads blogs. Apart from my girls, she is my staunchest & avid supporter. I just love her to bits. She makes sure to comment in each of my post & makes me feel that I have at least 1 reader aside from my family! :P (Btw, thank you as well Maria, you are also one of my staunchest supporters & I also love you to bits!)


Med works full time for their businesses but you should really see the effort she puts into her home. She makes sure that her house is not just a house, but a home that her family can come home to at the end of the day & feel cheerful and relaxed.


I particularly love her christmas tree. Her ornaments are all flown in from Disneyland! And I’m not talking about just 1 Disney in particular. I’m talking about Disney all over the world! So when she finally invited us for dinner, I made sure my camera was in my bag & I happily went to her beautiful, cozy home.








These are just some of her many many uber cute Disney ornaments on her very happy tree. I wanted to take a picture of all & post it here for you to see but they called me na to have dinner huhu.


Our dinner setting. She really is a domestic goddess! Nahiya naman bigla ang bahay ko, lels!





Our lovely centerpiece. I think I ate all the chocolates laid out in front of me! :P



She had chips & assorted dips as pica while we waited for the main meal. <3


Baked Salmon for ate..


and red rice because she knew ate was careful with her food!
Thank you so much my dearest Meding for your thoughtfulness. We really really super love you! :-*



Cheesy lasagna for the kids.



And kare-kare for us oldies! <3 Kap had a grand time eating his favorite Filipino food.

A new drink I discovered.. Canada Dry Ginger Ale.
Sorry, I’m not shala. I didn’t know about this until that night haha.
I loved how it tasted like a better version of 7-up! <3



Kulitan blues. How long na ba since they last saw each other?
And have you noticed? TERNO SILA. Super alike how they dress, grabe. Talk about brain waves! ;))
They really are BFFs hahaha.



My dearest Meding with the kids. <3



Our second family! <3

Cheers to friendship that has lasted through the times. :)


I was so happy with my nightcap. Med was so generous to let me have 2 cups when she orders these from abroad pa & hoards them like crazy!


Knowing my penchant for sweets, Med prepared 2 desserts for us. Best hostess ever! <3
Blueberry cheesecake..



and dark chocolate cake. <3 Happiness!


My tummy was already groaning but who could say no to these delightful sweet endings? TELL ME!!



Friends forever til the end of time! <3



Thank you so much Meding & Lowell for inviting us into your lovely home, and feeding us such yumminess that I never wanted to leave your house na ever! :) Thank you too to your wonderful kids who made us feel so welcome & loved!



And thank you as well to the REAL King of the house who was a perfect gentleman! ;)
Too bad Jela didn’t get to meet Shioti! They would have made such a cute pair.





We were so stuffed that we had to walk off our hearty dinner before going home. We passed by Solaire briefly to marvel at the soon to be taken down holiday decors..



They like to annoy me with their poses. :P



See? And all because I exclaimed how pretty the decors were, hmp! Ayan, itinuro na nila! Bullies! :P



Naawa rin sila sa akin. They gave me a regular pose.



Super annoying. But I love them!


These kids are my heart, my home. Where they are, there my home will be. <3

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