Holland Tulips

I was just watching this VLOG last friday & I was thinking to myself how sweet Benji is for filling Judy’s make-up room with yellow roses, which apparently, are her favorite, and surprising her -for no occasion at that.
More than the cost, it’s the thought behind the gesture that touched me to the core. I must have shed more tears than her watching that particular episode, lels. Wishful thinking.
Lo & behold, ate must really have been my twin in another life as she came home from school bearing gifts for her old sentimental momma! <3 Again, she knew what I was thinking & feeling without me verbalizing it. She had 5 different colored tulips just for me. How sweet & thoughtful of her! She made me feel so loved & cherished. :)




I was really wailing my heart out. Tears of Joy! <3
Whenever we would pass by flowershops I would often exclaim how exquisite tulips are. Of course my musings would also always fall on deaf ears. Basta mahal o gastos, nabibingi si Kap. #selectivehearing
Thank you so much, ate, for this wonderful, beautiful surprise. You never fail to make me smile. I love you, twinny! BFFs forever & ever! :-*
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