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Holiday Greetings from The Purple Doll!

The statuesque & pretty Sumi Go can actually be mistaken for my daughter. She’s about the same age as ate, has the same last name as me, chinkee-eyed, and GO-rgeous to boot! ;)


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A 22-year old foodie, feeling writer, photographer-wannabe and photoshop-junkie on a food adventure, exploring Metro Manila’s restaurants, buffets, cafés and even food stalls


To keep up with the times so I don’t look or sound like such a noob to my teen kids, I also read up on young bloggers para kunwari “in” din ako! :P


What attracted me to THE PURPLE DOLL is that she has depth & character for her young age, only 22. She doesn’t just write nonsense. Her posts have meaning & perception, which is why she is one of my favorite young bloggers. :)

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Thank you so much my dearest Sumi Girl for guest blogging. I know you were organizing events left & right on top of attending to your job & photography matters during the time I kept asking you for your post, and yet you still made time for me. I really appreciate you! <3

So dear readers, I present to you my 5th Angel of Christmas, THE PURPLE DOLL, and her exclusive post just for you! :) I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did..




Christmas is the time for all the festive cheers. But sadly, I can’t always say the same for mine. Aside from the heavy traffic and inevitable weight gain, one thing I didn’t like is how my family has somehow become anti-Christmas.


Okay, before you all react, let me clarify something. We’re Catholics and we do celebrate Christmas — eat Noche Buena, exchange gifts, pray, stay up late, etc.


However, our home doesn’t reflect our excitement for Christmas. Other houses in our neighborhood are beautifully clad with garlands, Christmas lights, and other decorative ornaments. Pabonggahan ang peg. Parang nagko-compete lang for the “Best Christmas House” award. Our house on the other hand, stays the same old plain Jane – both in and out. If there’s a “Worst Christmas House” award, we could’ve won already.


It’s not that we never had Christmas ornaments to begin with though. As proof, here’s a picture of me with our Christmas tree way back when.


Don’t judge me! I used to think a Barber’s Cut on a girl was cool. Haha! 



I guess, Christmas had coincidentally become a season which once brought trauma to the family. You know… Family problems, third party, almost-broken family, dark past. Although I’m not 100% sure, I think, that particular phase in our family’s life is the main cause why my mom has never put up the Christmas tree ever since.


Before you brand me as The Purple EMO Doll though, let me say one thing…



Call me The Purple CHEESY Doll if you will, but I already got past my angsty teen phase where I’d always nag about not having a Christmas-y house unlike back then. Sure, it’d be nice to be “normal” again and put up the Christmas tree since we already got over the medieval ages. But I’ll let my mom be the boss. Even without the fancy decorations, we’ve successfully celebrated Christmas anyway.


And you know the secret? First of course is love, and next is… FOOD. It has been so long since we gathered around a Christmas tree. But I’m proud to say, we never missed gathering around the dining table. Yup, even during that dark phase!


Like our simple home during the Christmas season, our dining table isn’t as bountiful as most families’. But this set of Christmas-y dishes (at least, for me) has always put a smile on my face — Christmas ham, dad’s oversized meatballs, special empanada, prawn tempura and veggie-infested pansit bihon that my sister and I can NEVER finish since we’re not too fond of veggies, mom’s spicy spaghetti, Chinese fried rice, colorful fruit salad and macaroni salad with tons of al dente-cooked potatoes (which I super love), and my sister’s and my peach-mango refrigerated cake. I know that when I see this set on the table, we’ve already left the past behind as each one of us exerted effort to contribute to our humble Noche Buena.




After enjoying their fill, mom and dad would always go straight to bed. I can’t blame them, they’re the ones who painstakingly prepared every dish, and my sis and I are definitely grateful. But just like how we don’t sleep during New Year’s Eve until the next day, my sis and I would usually hold a movie marathon, and we’d secretly order in pizza bundles. I know, I know, there are still tons of leftovers from Noche Buena. But there’s just something liberating and fun with ordering in pizza for Christmas. Haha! I guess this is our sisterly tradition, and I don’t think we’d skip this year, nor would I allow it to be missed.


Not the actual pizza bundles we had for the past years, but you get the point… And yup, from both Pizza Hut and Yellow Cab! *wink wink*


To Mama Bear, thank you so much for inviting me to be one of your guest bloggers. I have never been invited to write for another blog, so this is sooooo flattering. I normally don’t blog personal stories too, but I believe Christmas isn’t just about the facade. It’s about something more important, and this is what I want to share.


Sure, growing up, I wanted to return to how things were. Back when Christmas was my favorite holiday, even more so than my own birthday. Back when we’d throw Christmas parties at home and invite our relatives and family friends. Back when I’d excitedly scan through all the gifts under our Christmas tree hoping the biggest box is for me.



But those are part of the past now. And they’re memories worth keeping. Today though, is the moment worth living. And after writing this post, I actually feel a lot better. I used to ignorantly think that we’re not a normal family during this season. But heck, what IS normal anyway? The way I see it now, Christmas isn’t just the time for mindless merry-making and competing who gets the “Best Christmas House” award. It’s when we show our genuine love and appreciation for our family, friends, colleagues, and everyone around us.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! ♥


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Thank you so much HEUR SHEEN & SHEEN DI for sponsoring my 5th Day of Christmas Blog Giveaway, and for the generous gift you have extended to my 5th Angel of Christmas, SUMI GO. I’m sure she will enjoy the complete OOTD that you will be sending her! :)

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