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I love reading TEACH WITH JOY due to a number of things: First, Joy Mendoza is the daughter of our favorite Pastor, Peter Tanchi. Second, I adore her family! <3 Her children are SOOOOO ADORBS, I can’t even!! Third, even at my age & more than half my life being married, I still learn a thing or two from her as a wife to Edric & as a mother. Fourth, her christian point of view always makes it easier for me to want to submit to my husband even though it is just so hard at times! Okay, ALL THE TIME! :P

But she doesn’t just write about her married life. To my dear single lady readers out there, you might want to check these out:

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Blog: http://teachwithjoy.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teachwithjoy

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On February 7, 1992, at age 15, Joy went through a personal tragedy. Bad men did despicable, unthinkable things to her. But her faith in God remained strong & she rose above that tragedy. Click HERE (CCF),HERE (blog) & HERE (700 Club) to read/watch her testimony & be awed at how God worked in her life & brought her inner peace..

Joy is a mother to 5 kids: Elijah, Edan, Titus, Tiana, and newborn baby daughter Catalina. All below the age of 10. And that’s not all, she HOMESCHOOLS them. Thus the name of her blog. Her patience & devotion is so unbelievable that I am ashamed when I find myself short-tempered with my kids at one time or another.

Be as inspired as I am by her life & Godly living as you read her exclusive Christmas post..

Christmas is always a wonderfully hectic time…socially speaking. My husband, Edric, and I are very close to our families so the week of Christmas is busy with every dinner, breakfast, and lunch that revolves around the festivities of the season.

And somewhere between all of that, we squeeze in our own celebration with the kids. This is my favorite part of Christmas.
Edric gets the kids to sit around the breakfast table for a morning devotion on the birth of Jesus Christ. He does this because he doesn’t want the children to forget that Christ is still the center of Christmas, especially ours. Most of the time, he will ask the kids to give their insights and share what they are grateful to the Lord for.Afterwards, the kids are ready to open presents from us. We start with their Christmas stockings. I found beautiful ones at Uniwide this year! For less than P200 each, these were such a steal. I’m looking forward to stuffing them.

The kids move on to unwrapping gifts next. I usually order toys online from Amazon.com way in advance and have them shipped sometime in September through pobox.ph in a balikbayan box. But this year I didn’t do as much online shopping. There was too much going on with the birth of my fifth child. So at this point, I’m about 80% done with Christmas shopping and I’m going to start wrapping presents this week.I really enjoy wrapping presents. I could delegate this part to my houshelp but it’s one of my favorite things to do since I love paper so much. In previous years, I would go to Divisoria to buy all my Christmas wrapping paper. They come much cheaper, like almost 70% cheaper than bookstore-bought paper. But Divisoria was out of the question because of my newborn baby. So I got paper at S&R a few weeks ago. They had a buy one, take one deal for their big rolls.

I also found very reasonable gift bags at Uniwide for P150 a kilo!

And I made my own tags on Adobe Photoshop and printed them on sticker paper.

So going back to the kids unwrapping their gifts…We encourage them to do this in an “orderly” fashion. They aren’t allowed to randomly tear off wrapping paper from every thing in front of them. We go one present at a time from youngest to eldest or eldest to youngest so the kids can all see what each other got. Plus, they are given a budget to buy one another presents so it’s not all about receiving. When all the toys have been revealed, they can choose a few things to play with, but not everything.We want our kids to appreciate each toy they receive so in the weeks to come after Christmas, they get to play with one toy at a time. This teaches them restraint and it also keeps them from “gift-gluttony.” Our children receive four sets of presents – from us, Mendoza relatives, Tan-Chi relatives, and friends. They get a crazy amount of stuff. So we need to temper all the materialism! They actually have presents that have yet to be played with from past Christmases! The great thing about teaching them delayed gratification is I get to use their new toys as incentives and rewards for homeschooling. And, they don’t get easily bored with what they have.Our nuclear family’s celebration is just one aspect of our Christmas. Like I said earlier, our social calendar is pretty packed. It’s non-stop fellowshipping and feasting with relatives for a couple of days. I gain a couple of pounds. Sigh. But the food is always worth it!This year will be a little different for our family. We are in transition as we finish building our home so we won’t be able to put up our own tree this Christmas or be in our own living room to open presents. (The kids got to decorate other trees – their Aunt Carolyn’s tree, grandma and angkong’s, and lola and lolo’s.)

We were hoping to spend Christmas in our new house but the finishing stage has dragged on for a little longer than expected. Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to celebrating this season with Edric and the kids. After all, what makes it special is not the where or the how but being together as a family and celebrating what Jesus Christ has done in our lives. We have much to be thankful for this year. Top of that list is our newest addition to the family – Catalina. After being hospitalized twice for major diseases, her being alive and well is the best gift we have received as a family. Everything else we get and give to one another this Christmas will just be a bonus!

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