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Holiday Greetings from Our Awesome Planet!

Who doesn’t know Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet? I’m sure every filipino knows him. He’s practically a household name.

Saw him & his family once in a mall. Ran like the wind, ok more like a breeze -a very light breeze, to catch him & have a photo op. He was so nice & accommodating. So I braved up & asked him to be one of my Guest Bloggers. I really didn’t think he’d agree, I mean the #1 top Blogger in the country? Why would he even exert time & effort on my meaningless, little blog. :P

When Anton not only replied to my email but also agreed to squeeze me in his busy schedule, I was over the moon with happiness.

I hope you enjoy his very exclusive holiday post, A SNEAK INTO HIS PRIVATE LIFE, only here on Sugar & Spice! <3

Thank you so much Anton, for being so humble & down to earth in spite of your status. For being so reachable. May we all learn from your humility. Happy holidays to Rache & your 3 handsome juniors! :)





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Twitter: @antondiaz


We are often asked how we celebrate Christmas. For us, the Filipino Christmas is all about the family and the kids :) It’s a season of get together and extra happiness for the kids. I’d like to share with you a glimpse of what we did last Christmas and New Year celebration…


(Lim Uy Family – December 24, 2013)


My wife Rache comes from a big family of 7 siblings – 4 boys and 3 girls. 3 of the siblings are based abroad one sister in the US, another sister in Singapore and one brother in China. We would meet for a Christmas Lunch on December 24 at their ancestral home in Sta. Mesa. Then the eve of December 25 is reserved for Christmas celebration for each family.

Christmas is all about playing with the cousins and exchange gifts. 4 out of 7 of the siblings have kids so its always crazy when the cousins have reunions.

Then December 25 is usually reserved for Family’s Christmas Mass, and Christmas Lunch with the Uy-side of Rache’s family.

Ahiya Carlos is the oldest kuya, so all the boys wants to play with him. This year the hottest toy for boys is B-Daman Crossfight toy where it shoots marbles from its tummy. Thank you to Uncle Rommel for their B-Daman toys :)

Then on New Year’s Eve, our family would usually go out of town — usually Tagaytay, to escape the fireworks and the smog in Manila. This year was a bit special because both of our parents joined us for our New Year’s Escape. On January 1, we would hear a solemn and blessed mass together to welcome the new year :)

On my end, I come from a family of 3 boys and my brothers are in the US now.

Here’s our extended family in the US..

Live an Awesome Life,






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Thank you so much HEXAGON LOUNGE & Michelle for sponsoring my 10th Day of Christmas Blog Giveaway, and for the generous gift you have extended to my 10th Angel of Christmas, Anton Diaz. I’m sure he will enjoy the Gift Certificate that we will be giving him! :)

A special shout out to Anton’s inspiration & better half, Rache. Mrs. Awesome Planet ! <3 And congratulations to the new addition to the family!


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