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Holiday Greetings from Ms. Tina Tagle!

I don’t think THE Ms. Tina Tagle needs further introduction. You already know how infatuated I am of her. My goddess & my queen! <3 Of course she is part of my 12 Angels of Christmas. For her not to be part of it is like a Christmas tree without a star topper.. or Christmas without presents. *insert shocked face here*



I really kept badgering her until she caved in & sent me a post, complete with matching OOTD that she is known for. OOTD is her rightful trademark & must be copyright-ed to my queen ASAP! ;)

Enjoy her exclusive post as I have! Btw, if you’re still looking for a special holiday gift for your beloved, click HERE to see WILLOW’s personalized jewelry pieces. Find one that is sure to make your certain loved one feel valued this christmas.

Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone! And thank you Ms. T for humoring me &  going along with my christmas project in spite of your busy schedule! :-*


When Jane invited me to be a guest blogger for her 12 Angels of Christmas project, I couldn’t say no. Altho’ we don’t get to see each other more than we want, we have that special bond and doing her a favor is more a privilege than anything else. That’s how much I love her!

My family has a simple Christmas celebration. Simple and intimate. I usually put up our tree after I take down our halloween decors. My tree is generally up before the 15th of November. I change our table cloth, plate chargers, drinking glass, etc. to Christmas theme the same time I light our tree on the 1st of December. Officially, Christmas in our home starts on December 1.

Every year I have a target date. I make sure gifts are delivered on or before the 15th. That way, I am already relaxed by Christmas.

We have dinner at home and go to midnight mass. After the midnight mass we have noche buena and my kids open their gifts shortly after.

On Christmas day we have lunch in my in-laws house.

The next day we normally go to the beach until the 30th. On New years eve my kids together with our household staff join the celebration by lighting some fire crackers until midnight welcoming the new year with a big bang.

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!

With Andy

and Rocco.

Thank You,

Tina Tagle


Willow Jewelry

“Live life in the moment”

By the way, her daughter Claudia has a cookie business. Click HERE if you want to sample her most coveted & limited-for-a-season Peppermint Chocolate Cookie, a.k.a. The Christmas Cookie! This cookie has a strong mint flavour loaded with chocolate chips & will only be available from November 15 until the last week of December, so order while you can! 1 dozen: P480

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Thank you so much PEVONIA BOTANICA & ELAINE PALAPAG for sponsoring my 9th Day of Christmas Blog Giveaway, and for the generous gift you have extended to my 9th Angel of Christmas, Ms. TINA TAGLE. I’m sure she will enjoy the BALANCING COMBINATION CREAM that we will be sending her! :)

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