Holiday Greetings from Jinlovestoeat!

I’ve always liked Jin’s humorous style of blogging, and I look forward to living vicariously through her. Eating & enjoying one country at a time -or 2 depending on the time zone! :P But also because she’s just so dang cute! She looks like a fragile porcelain doll don’cha think?

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And don’t even get me started on her family. When I say family, it includes her Gwama & a-million-and-one cousins! I’ve asked her over & over again if her clan can adopt me & take me in because they really are SUCH a fun group, but too bad registration is closed. :'( They are too much as it is, invading one restaurant at a time and eating with such gusto! There simply is no room for big ‘ol me!

I hope you enjoy her super cute post as much as I did! <3

Once upon a time I was a grinch.

I was moody, selfish, prissy, negative, impatient, and if there was one thing I excelled at, it was the art of complaining. I possessed all the signs and symptoms of a spinster in the making.

Oh God!!! I was a grinch AND a spinster! Have mercy on me! Lol!


I was a grinch blessed with the most loving, caring, sincere, forgiving, not to add fun and adventurous family who is always generous with their time and affection, who showers me with never-ending patience, guidance, smiles, hugs, laughter… and food! Everyday my family lives out the true meaning of Christmas.

And it tamed the monster in me.

My heart grew tender with all the love and togetherness I felt around me. Slowly, the grinch gave way to a happy, kind, cheerful, hopeful (not so) little girl. One day she will still have to solve the spinster problem.

The End.

Dear Jane,

You are such a blessing to the people around you – your family, your friends and also your readers. You are a source of inspiration, uncontrollable giggles, simple and grand joys, emotional nourishment, encouragement, and unconditional love. With you around it’s like Christmas everyday, and because of you, there are less grinches in the world. :)

Merry Christmas with love from me and Santa! ♥

Dear Jin,

I can never EVER imagine you to be a grinch! :) You are the happiest, wittiest, most fun & fun-loving person that I know in this planet. And you bring love & laughter to everyone you meet. Thank you so much for guest blogging, you have made me very very happy with this very very fun & humorous post! This is why I love you so, you always make me laugh & brighten my day!!! ;))

Merry Christmas!

Love, your forever fan,

Jane <3

PS: Prince charming is just around the corner. Do. Not. Fret. :)

This post is brought to you by..

Thank you so much LUSH & IDA NONES for sponsoring my 6th Day of Christmas Blog Giveaway, and for the generous gift you have extended to my 6th Angel of Christmas, JIN PEREZ. I’m sure she will enjoy the LUSH products that we will be sending her! :)

Thank you so much Ida for coming to my home to personally deliver the gifts for my lucky reader & also for Jin! <3

But wait! Since we’re on the topic of NON-GRINCHES, I’d like to share with you a Christmas video that has been circulating in Facebook! <3 It’s such a feel-good video, I STRONGLY advice you t o watch it. Just be prepared & have some tissues on hand coz you’re really gonna weep. I swear. I did! :P

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