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For this merry month of december, I have invited 12 bloggers, whom I truly & greatly admire and are part of my daily reads, to be my 12 Angels of Christmas. They will be alternating with my 12 Days of Christmas Blog Giveaway posts. And who better to kickstart my very ambitious project than my staunchest backer & my first ever blogger friend, FRANNYWANNY! <3

Frannywanny will forever be dearest to my heart because she has been a great supporter as I started my blog & slowly grasped my way around the blogosphere. Click HERE to read the first time we met. She was already a certified top blogger when we met, and yet she remained so warm, humble & simple. Heck, most of my readers I inherited from her! She never fails to mention me here & there, making people notice me, and has even so generously included me in her blogroll. I wouldn’t be noticed at all if it weren’t partly for her. She is my fairy blog-mother. Thank you so much Franny! I love you to the moon & back! :)

So without much further ado, here is Franny’s christmas post exclusively for Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice. I hope you enjoy her post as much as I did.

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It’s finally December and that just means ONE thing! Christmas is truly just around the corner.

When my dear BFF Jane asked me to guest blog for her exciting 12 Days of Christmas special, I immediately say yes! Aside from the fact that I can never say no to sweet Jane, I really love talking about Christmas as it’s my favourite time of the year…next to my birthday, that is. If exercise can bring out the happy endorphins, then the Christmas season somehow puts people like me into a happy spell all month long.

I guess, I can attribute to the fact that I had a nobela-long worth of good childhood memories about Christmas. Spending an afternoon writing my letter to Santa, making sure I am extra nice to merit a spot on Santa’s list, waking up on Christmas morning with loads of presents from my family and of course seeing my red furry stocking filled up by jolly St. Nick a.k.a. my sweet parents with sweets, toys and school supplies!

Growing up, Christmas just gets better as I would starting shopping as early as August to ensure I give much thought to every gift that I give out to friends, family and of course, to Paul.  I’m lucky also that Paul loves Christmas as much as I do so for the past decade, we have been making our list together, shopping till we nailed the right item and we would even personally wrap each one too (so sorry for all the lopsided gifts, dear recipients). As they say, it’s really the thoughts and effort that counts.

One of my most memorable Christmas was probably during the year 2010 as it was the first time Paul and I were together on Christmas Day. You see, for the past 7 years when we were still dating, Paul would go home to Angeles, Pampanga to celebrate the holiday with his family while I stay in Manila with my side. Thus, it was only when we got married that we were able to celebrate it with both side and boy was it really fun!

Our Christmas celebrate began early that year when we got a free trip to Hong Kong and the chance to check out Hong Kong Disneyland. Being a big Disney fan myself, spending a day in Disneyland was like a dream come true. One funny story that I love to tell friends was that one time when we were watching the Disney Parade and perhaps due to so much excitement, I found myself shedding a few tears of joy as I waved to my favourite Disney characters. I really felt like a kid again and it was definitely one of my most memorable trips to date.

Hand in hand, we explored each section of Hong Kong Disneyland and were also able to get into a couple of rides. Everything was truly magical and what made it even more special was the fact that Paul was there to experience each moment with me.

Someday, we agreed that we will go back and hopefully we’ll have our future little one/s in tow. I truly can’t wait for that time to come.

Tis is the season of numerous merry-making, drinking and eating. Let us not forget that it’s also the perfect time to spread the happiness and love around. From the bottom of my heart (and my always hungry stomach), I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!



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Thank you so much CHORIZO DE CEBU PH and KEVIN MARTIN VITUG & JUSTYN REYES for sponsoring my 1st Day of Christmas Blog Giveaway, and for the generous gift you have extended to my 1st Angel of Christmas, FRANNYWANNY. I’m sure she will enjoy the 3 packs of assorted chorizo we will be sending her! :)

A special shout out to Franny’s ever-supportive hubby, bestest friend, and soulmate, PAUL! :)

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