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HOE-ry Potter and the order of the PENIS

Remember THIS? And THIS/THIS? What about THIS? THIS? and THIS? :P Let’s also not forget the monumental PROMPOSAL, whew. I’m really glad I decided to make a blog. Not just for me, but more importantly for my 3 kids to look back on & remember the fun & mischievous things we did as they were growing up.

They’re really busy with school so it’s been a while since the 3 musketeers asked me to do something for them & their friends. I miss! Truly I do.

Sure, it’s a lot of work & takes out a big toll on me, but at the end of the day, it’s always fulfilling to know that I did my best & gave it my all so they can have a great childhood & a treasure trove of happy memories. Recollections like these are priceless & will go down in history. Even after I’m long gone, the remembrance of my love for them stays. <3

I love how Ate‘s friends are so appreciative & came bearing thoughtful gifts. They are just too, too precious! Thank you so much Mich, Renzo, Pat, and Marti for the sweetness overload, literally! :-*

In the end, nothing beats the relief that salonpas & katinko brings more than a heartlfelt thanks from my wonderful babies when I surpass their expectations hehe. ;P

I am so so blessed to have such wonderful, beautiful, intelligent & loving kids that I really try & do my best to be the kind of mommy that they deserve. Not just through words, but also by action.

Yes, I buy them material things for as long as I’m able to -within reason of course, but more than that, I also shower them with words of praise, affirmation & generous declarations of love. I lavish them with touch, hugs, and kisses. My time I generously devote to them and I am at their service 24/7. #dakilangalilangGOppets

These, I know, they appreciate more than any material possession I can ever give. There is simply nothing I wouldn’t do for my children, and they know it. That, to them, is priceless.

They are happy & it shows. A happy family is but an earlier heaven. <3 I am so thankful that we don’t need to be a double-income family, and that I get to be a stay-at-home mom. Not many are blessed with the same opportunity, so I don’t take my situation for granted.

The weekend before she was to go back to med school after her 4-week Christmas-cum-semestral break, Ate casually mentions that she will have friends over for a Harry Potter movie marathon. I got SUPER excited. ;) I like getting to know her friends, and these are new friends I am just so grateful for. They have done so much for my princess & have made waking up before the crack of dawn so much easier & bearable for her that all I want to do is make their last few days of freedom spell F-U-N.

From 10 down to 7, incomplete Hoes & Faux Hoes. What a funny, funny name to call yourselves! ;))

As you know, Ate is the exact opposite of me. She is loooow key. So she warned me: Mom, don’t go overboard please. It’s just a movie marathon. Me: Mmm-kay, but my mind was already working like cray hehe.

And get to work I did.

After 5 minutes of Ate‘s notice.. Hello Sharon? Can you make me a dozen Harry Potter themed cupcakes please? Hehehe! Thank you so much dear Shawie of BAKERMOM SPECIALTY CAKES  for another rush job order, lolz. Para ka talagang banko, laging maaasahan! These cupcakes (850 php/dozen) are THE BOMB as always! :-*

This cage used to house Tintin, our notorious mynah bird who talked & talked like there’s no tomorrow. Our neighbors called our house the noisy house because of Tintin. I’m glad we kept it long after she’s been gone so I was able to use it as a prop for Ate‘s movie night. The owls are actually Christmas tree ornaments that I bought at Rustan’s last-minute (899 php each). \m/

My little wizard with her nimbus 2000. <3 Kung hindi ka eagle, mangkukulam ka naman hahaha. Sige na, fly high my darling & soar just as you’re meant to do. ;) #witchdoctor Even my Kuya got on board and made this flying broom especially for the movie night. <3 Thank you so much Kuya for always enabling me!

I was also able to find these clear ball ornaments with feathers inside at Rustan’s. Sooo perfect for our theme! (899 php each). I got 6, tamang-tama para sa bawat kanto ng payong ko!

The calm before the storm. Lelly is curious & wants to play with the owls! @_@ Got several banigs & ultra handy folding mattresses for surprise sleepovers: Uratex fold-a-matt mattresses (2,999 each at SM Home) so they can have a picnic-at-the-park feel. :) Also invest in stackable lap trays (350 php SM Home) for no mess/no spill “breakfast in bed” moments. Now that I have these, the GOppets can enjoy movie nights in our own back yard any time! \m/

My Bae lent us her Home Theater Projector which was of course, the star of the night! In lieu of a telly in her room, she asked for this. And it sure came in super handy for the outdoor movie marathon.

As always, I want to thank my Bae for always being mommy’s extra pair of hands, eyes, and sounding board. She also stops me from going overboard so it’s really wise to take her everywhere with me. ;))

Jena’s Loaded Nachos                

1 bag Corn Chips
1 bottle each: Tostitos Salsa & Cheese Dip
1 bottle jalapeño
1 bottle nestle sour cream
1/2 kilo ground beef

Because I’m not a Kitchen Diva, we ordered take-outs for an easier life for err’body. Ate said her friends are not “eating” people so not to prepare too much daw. Bakit naman? And sarap kumain ah?

Maki platter from Sushi Ninja (3,250 php) & Sandwich platter from Almon Marina (1,250 php). Plus Jena’s super yummy loaded nachos & our cook’s seafood Carbonara. Perfect finger food for Ate’s not-so-hungry, non-eating guests HAHAHAHAHA!

Because a party is simply not a party without drinks, SANGRIA for everyone! Cost, approximately 1.5k-2k/jug (8 servings each) depending on the wine used. Featuring RED (bitter) & WHITE (sweet). Pick your poison gaize!

Red Sangria                

1 750 ml Red Spanish Wine
1 cup (240 ml) fresh orange juice
1/2 pineapple, chopped
1 orange, sliced into thin rounds and then halved
1/2 pear or apple, cubed. Refrigerate at least 6 hours.

White Sangria

1 750 ml Moscato White Wine
1 cup (240 ml) white grape juice
1 ripe nectarine, pitted and cut into thin wedges
1 tangerine, thinly sliced

1 cup seedless white grapes, halved
1 cup club soda (mix only before serving)

Since the title the movie marathon involves a penis.. TADA!! We saved a pineapple cake from our recent trip to Taiwan. I aim to please.. #HOErypotterandtheorderofthePENIS

In the end, everyone enjoyed, more importantly my Ate enjoyed in spite of her constant warnings to keep it simple (I don’t want the robes na please mooommmyyyy!). Oh Ate, you know I don’t do anything half-baked. It’s all or nothing, when will you ever accept it, lolage.

Ayan oh, winner kaya ang mga robes ko, Ate, che! ;P If you’re having a similar party, just buy black tela & have these made by a home seamstress para not too expensive your props. Adds a dash of magic, wouldn’t you say?

Wacky med students make the best doctors! \m/ That’s right ladies & gentlemen, don’t take life too seriously.

Even with all the resistance, I got a big smile. <3 Mother knows best. Keep in mind always Ate! :P

It doesn’t matter if you’re a little or a lot. I will always make it a fun, fun night for you my babies. #goingtheextramile

From time to time, my Bae & I would peek from her balcony & snoop to see how the soon to be doctors are doing. No matter how old my kids may get, I will always be a mommy to them. Meaning I will always care. Ate, mag-ipon ka na rin ng madam-daming Xanax ok? ;))

Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me, for sure. That’s what friends are for. In good times, and bad times, I’ll be on your side forever more. That’s what friends are for. Napakanta din ba kayo? ;)) 5 solid years together, good luck #asmpHOES&FauxHoes ! :-* You started together, make sure you also cross the finish line together, okay?

That night, I slept covered from head to foot in my trusty salonpas. But my heart was so full knowing I was able to add another chapter in Ate‘s trove of special memories. Being their mom, it’s ALL that matters to me.

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