Highlands Steakhouse Revisited

So after the uneventful lunch at Buffet 101, I was able to make it up to the kids by taking them to highlands steakhouse in tagaytay yesterday. It was teacher’s day so they didn’t have school 2nd day in a row, yippee!!!

Ever since we started eating here, we always, always got steaks each.
It is after all, a steak house, LOL!
But I wanted something different for a change, so I got the Orange Ginger Duck
Tender & juicy Orange Ginger Duck Leg
680 php
Finally! A satisfied smile from my carnivorous baby son! <3
His 14 oz. Rib Eye Steak 1,880 php
Swiped in 30 seconds, LOL! ;P 
Side dish of Potato gratin 100 php
Side dish of mixed vegetables 100 php

Also wanting a change, but still sticking with their love affair with meat, the 2 girls ordered the 30 oz. Angus Rib Eye to share..

You cook it table-top style.
My babyson was too lazy to cook, so only the 2 girls got this! :P
Happy faces from my loved ones. I’m sooooo glad!!! <3
30 oz. half-cooked Angus Rib Eye 3,280 php
You can hear the fat sizzle & smell the wonderful steak aroma!!
Makes me wonder why I got the duck, LOL! :P
Happy to play chef for the day! <3
With my mind still on the steak, I comforted my craving with this delightful
Macadamia Rum Raisin Cheesecake 200 php
while my Lavinia had the pricey haagen Dazs Caramel Sandwich 220 php

The 2 kids don’t have a sweet tooth like my Lavinia & me. They take after their dad who only wants solid meals! :P So after my coffee & dessert, we indulged in taking in the lovely view, and of course cam-whored! ;))

I will never tire of coming to highlands.
Just looking at this beautiful view makes the long tricycle-infested/
10-wheeler-slow-trucks convoy driving worthwhile! ;)

Yep, steak is definitely spelled L-O-V-E! <3

Sigh.. just less than 2 days left of my whole day affairs with my kids, then back to school they go. :( I’m sooo looking forward to summer vacay!!!

I’m glad there’s Jella to keep me company while the kids are away. She’s growing at a steady rate, eating up a storm (yep, she is most definitely one of us!!) & chewing on everything she can get her little teeth into! Not to mention peeing & pooping like every hour, it seems like!!! @_@ Well, at least she keeps me busy LOL! :P

Oh jella! You make my day oh so bright and, well.. BUSY!!! ;P
I love you!!! <3
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