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Highlands Gold Corned Beef

The home I grew up in wasn’t big or spacious. In fact, my home was a teeny tiny room shared by 3 located a floor above where our family business was located. So I didn’t have enough space to entertain friends, or have them over for socials.


With my maternal lola outside the home I grew up in.


My mon, my brother & I shared a teeny tiny room growing up. As you can see from our cramped space, there was no room for anything or anyone else. And of course, my mom was also always busy being a doctor & tending to her business for me to have friends over.

After having a family of my own & moving into our own house, I made sure that even though we didn’t live in a mansion, my kids had enough space to run around and receive friends over at any time of the day.

I want our home to always be a happy & comfortable place where their friends are most welcome to stay, play, and most importantly, EAT! Because feeding is my language of love.

So I try & see to it that our pantry is always fully stocked for when the kids bring home guests at a moment’s notice, catching me off guard. Most of the time though, it’s last-minute when they call or text to say “Hey Mom! I’m having friends over! What’s for dinner? ” or that their classmates are visiting for a school project, a dance rehearsal, a movie marathon.. You get the drift. :P


After the gym, the ladies hang out in our home. And they are mightily hungry after a workout, I tell you! ;)


Needless to say, boys are ALWAYS hungry even after you’ve fed them the entire contents of your ref, hehe.


The liliputs? Hindi magpapatalo. Our home is always filled with giggles & laughters. I’m proud to say that it is SUCH a happy, wonderful home because of our kids & their friends. We wouldn’t have it any other way. <3

And of course, we receive them with wide open arms. Yun lang, minsan, walang ka-laman-laman ang ref kasi kinabukasan pa mamamalengke! Thank goodness for canned goods!

I recently discovered HIGHLANDS GOLD CORNED BEEF made with Angus Beef which passes the quality inspection & pang-lasa of my picky kids.

Highlands Gold Corned Beef

Highlands Gold Corned Beef raises the standard of premium corned beef by bringing the superb dining experience of eating Angus steak found only in restaurants to your own convenience at home.

The product is made from the choicest cuts of Angus Beef which is aimed to abundantly savor that juicy and tender steak flavor that everyone loves. The product has long meat strands and is with natural beef flavor which makes a truly satisfying meal in every can.

Just imagine having the premium goodness of a mouth-watering flavor of steak and Angus Beef put together in a corned beef. The product will definitely create premium food dishes that everyone will surely love.

Enjoy the premium taste of steak and Angus beef without spending a great deal of money with Highlands Gold Corned Beef. It is reasonably priced only for P150.00 per 320g. Experience the premium taste of steak made with Angus Beef in Highlands Gold Corned Beef!


What makes Angus meat superior to regular beef? One thing that sets Angus beef apart is the marbling of its meat. It has a fine texture and a higher degree of marbling – making the beef tender and tastier. Angus Beef may be a bit expensive compared to other beef, but its rich taste and fine texture will surely be a unique dining experience that’s worth every peso.



The premium breed of Corned Beefs. Bagay sa panlasa ng mga GOppets! ;)

So now, I keep Highlands Gold Corned Beef close by. Being a mom is like being a Girl Scout. Kailangan laging handa! ;)



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