High Tea at Cathee’s

A mommy friend Cathee, who is a dentist by profession, channels her inner Martha Stewart when in the comfort of her home and hangs her sickle probe & dental mirror in exchange for an apron & dust wand. A mom to 4 girls, Cathee lets out the domesticated goddess in her & turns from a successful career & business woman into a super mom as soon as she gets in the door to her condo QUEENDO-M & makes it the coziest home ever. Yes, she does have it all! ;)

She has not one, but TWO christmas trees in her lovely home.
That’s how much she loves decorating.
This smaller tree is my favorite though because it’s whimsical & fun! <3

I love the cupcake ornaments & shiny gift boxes that adorned this tree.

Cathee was so generous & thoughtful to include me in her girly group of friends.
Save for me & Faye, these girls have known each other for a lifetime, and their children are all bossom buddies.
I feel so old beside them, being the only one with grown up kids! :P

Being a diva, Cathee went all out for her tea party & brought out the fine china & gold-rimmed glasswares.
I was afraid to move around too much in case I knocked over something expensive & irreplaceable.

I loved what was laid out in front of me.. and I don’t mean just the gold plated serving trays & tea pot! ;)

Thank you so much Cathee for going through all this trouble. Know that your efforts were very much appreciated! <3

I keep mine under lock & key.
So I was really touched & impressed when Cathee brought out her expensive set of glasswares for us to use.

The merienda buffet spread Cathee served to us that thursday afternoon was beyond scrumptious. There were Almon Marina sandwiches, turon, Conti’s chicken pie & assorted sweets among others.

She also got a special order of pancit Lucban & special BBQ from BUDDY’s.


Pancit Habhab or Pancit Lucban is a pancit version that originated from the Quezon province.

Pancit Habhab uses dried flour noodles which are known as miki Lucban.

This pancit version is served over a piece of banana leaf and is best eaten with vinegar. Usually about a teaspoon of cane vinegar for every serving.

My happy plate! <3
Better than high tea at The Pen, really.

And even made better with the company of such fantastic & classy ladies.

As usual, Reg had something for all of us.. lucky coins to usher in the year of the wooden horse.
Reg is thoughtful that way. <3

And of course, I would never leave Cathee’s home without a glimpse of every nook & cranny of her lovely home! Her daughters’ room particularly caught my eye because of the gazillion of Lala Loopsy dolls displayed all over the room. Can you spell S-P-O-I-L-E-D ??? :)

Too bad some of us had to leave right away to answer the call of mommy duties. Our kids after all, come first. I’m glad that we mommy friends have that in common. That we don’t have to move heaven & earth to set a grown-up playdate. Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be. Who can, will. Who can’t wont. We understand that we don’t need to move schedules around & forsake our mommy duties in order to see each other, and neither are we expected to. Family will always come first. For us, socialization is okay as long as it doesn’t disrupt the time set aside for our families. That’s my principle at least. Time flies by so fast that I don’t want to miss even a second of their lives. And it really pays off in the long run. Believe me, I’m reaping the rewards now. ;)

I grew up with very busy, very accomplished career-oriented, very successful business-oriented parents. So I vowed to myself that I would be the kind of mother who will always be there for my children, be it for a big problem, or simply the comfort of my presence in our home. I thank God every day that I am able to, and that I have been afforded a lifestyle where we don’t need a 2-income job to raise our family. So I really have no excuse but to be the best mom that I can be. <3

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