Heroes Hobby Lounge

Ren invited my hunny & the rest of the Pusoy Boys to his 40th birthday lunch today at one of the cafes in BGC that he owns.

My Kap, Ren Cayetano, and Hitler Sarao
They were watching over us! ;P
A life-size figure of Iron Man costs a whopping 420k!. Spidey fetches half the price of Iron Man.

I’ve always passed HEROES HOBBY LOUNGE alongside Fully Booked but I always thought it was a store that sold action figures & collectibles. Kainan pala, lels! ;P

Ren Cayetano is one of my hunny’s first friends in our village when we transferred right after getting married. Together with the other siga ng basketbol court, they formed a formidable Pusoy Gang.

My hunny has always been particularly close to Hitler among all his friends though. They weren’t often seen one without the other & always paired up. (mahilig talaga si kap sa chubby hehe) Hitler used to always pick up my hunny for their sessions. In fact, he picked us up today for the “reunion”. Some things never change. #friendsforlife :)
Hay. Ang sarap talaga umupo sa likod! ;))


The boys used to have a weekly quorum in Ariel’s house until one by one the boys grew up! ;) The pranks they pulled & played on each other which my hunny would tell me everytime he’d come home from a session kept me in stitches. (i.e. one of the boys went to a convenience store at 1 in the morning just to buy toothpaste & smear it in the door handle of another’s car!) Peter Pan syndrome, they all had it I’m telling you!
With Ariel Arce. Oh di ba? Grabe talaga makapag-social climbing ang asawa ko!
Big names. Kami lang ang small name! ;P

So it was sort of a reunion this morning as they reminisced about their crazy days! These are the original cuenca Boys! @_@

Heroes Hobby Lounge
B6-971, Building 6, Bonifacio High Street,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Tel: (632) 5117327

Ren served a sumptuous buffet spread.
The red velvet cake slices were L-O-V-E! <3
My happy plate! <3
With samplers from their menu: Grilled WIngs, Cheesy Shrimp Poppers, and Squid Steak (love-love-love).
Four couples.. only 1 remain solid & standing. Guess who! ;)
I really have to give credit to my better half. He’s one in a trillion –sobrang bait! <3
The crazy Pusoy Gang!
Nag-mature na daw sila.. :P

Happy birthday, and thank you Ren for a yummy & delightful lunch. And thank you my hunny for taking me along on a SUPPOSED boy’s day out! #clingy

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