My babyson’s classmate, Matthew’s family owns Hermano’s, the mexican restaurant.
My babyson’s former classmate, Matthew, on the left.
He is in between schools now.
Only bff Luigi is left. Back to bromance again haha! <3
Former That’s Entertainment star Bimbo Bautista (Bernard Michael Bautista) & Wife Rose Mora

It’s original branch is in QC so we never had a chance to try it. But now that a branch is closer, we were finally able to patronize it.

Since my babyson’s ankle is still in the process of healing, no extra-curricular activities for him yet (YAY!!!) So we had a quiet dinner tonight in Hermano’s Taco Shop.

I have accepted the fact that my hunny bunny will never exchange tennis for food! @_@ 

Hermano’s is a small, self-serve mexican restaurant good for intimate dinners.
They have very really limited staff, so it’s good to just come in small groups.
It’s like an Army Navy upgrade foodwise! :)

Surf & Turf Burrito 310 php
I think this is their strongest point.
The kids loved the bursting mexican flavors & big serving.

California Burrito 295 php
Yes, that’s french fries you see in there.
Again, the burritos are, I think, their best selling points.
Thick, tasty & filling. 
Nachos Grande 320 php
Maybe it was just tonight, but the chips were stale & old.
The toppings were okay though, especially the jalapenos -which I loved.
Too bad about the nachos coz the cashier really promoted it well.
We barely ate this, sayang. 
Chicken Quesadilla 230 php
My babyson wanted an extra order of cheese quesadilla but could barely finish his burrito.
Good thing I didn’t order.
Takaw tingin lang talaga! :P
Beef Tamales 320 php
It looked small & I was a little disappointed when it made an appearance on my table.
But believe me. It’s really filling!
Too bad it wasn’t hot though, I don’t think they properly warmed it.
The place is fairly new so they still didn’t offer credit cards. Be prepared to dole out cash. The food seemed a bit pricey for me. But there was a steady stream of customers.
Since my Lovey got me hooked on Cha Time & it’s pearls, we were happy to find one just beside Hermano’s. It served as our dessert.

Love the plush couches! <3
Too bad we didn’t get to stay long as we were being devoured by mosquitoes.
They really have to do something about that infestation. 

It’s thursday tomorrow. Just one more day before the weekend. Yay!

Oh, and have I told you about my new (old) golfcart yet? My hunny bunny sold Amanda (the red one) & upgraded me to Candy (as in cotton candy- because of the color, haha!) which is 6-seater. Yippee for me! <3

My new (old) PINK golfcart!
Let’s see how tough my babyson is now driving this around town! ;))
Convertible to jumpseat (2 extra seating)/wire basket (for school bags &/or JELA <3)

Wire basket for now.
To be converted when there are extra passengers :P
How clever of my hunny bunny! <3
Look who enjoyed the maiden voyage! ;))
Can’t wait to pimp up mah ride!
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