Hereeeeeeeeee’s Jela!

Please welcome the latest addition to our family… presenting JELA!!!! <3

Jela Kristine a.k.a. JELATIN!!! ;))
almost 2 months old, such a baby still!!!

I am soooooo deliriously happy!!! <3 As of this writing, my baby Jela is on my lap, sleeping! ;)) Such a carinosa baby, she loves to curl up under my chin & just about anywhere else, and showers me with wet kisses all the time!! We’re just so blessed to have her in our family! :)

After Jinia, I never thought I’d find it in my heart to love again, and yet here I am, welcoming another puppy into my heart & into our lives. Before we got her, we prayed soooo hard that the one God will choose for us will have a long, healthy & happy life with us. I really cannot afford to have my heart broken just yet.. for a long long long time to come actually!!!

Yesterday, after a sumptuous birthday lunch my wonderful kids treated me to, we went to Tiendesitas to search for “The One”! ;P It was disappointment after disappointment because deep in my heart, I was looking for my dear Jinia. Of course that wasn’t possible, as my babyson carefully pointed out to me.

Came close to buying this puppy, although my heart really wasn’t set on it.

I didn’t feel that tug in my heart with this puppy.
Choosing a puppy is like falling in love, sadly I didn’t with this one.
The price was right pa namannnn!!! ;P

Then the owner said he had 4 more at home that I might like to see sometime next week. Hello! I gotta have one for my birthday ASAP, I can’t wait any longer!!! (and my hunny might get back the money I “stole” from him, hehe!) So we went all the way to Tondo where the rest of the puppies were…

The puppies were brought to me via their “limo”! ;))
Jela was the only one who was looking at me… <3
She’s the very 1st one I chose from the litter.
My heart had that sudden jump, I swear! :)
Even my Lavinia bonded with her right away.. we have joint custody, after all! ;))

What a perfect birthday gift from my family!! <3 yes, every one chipped in (my hunny, my mumsy, and my 3 wonderful kids) which makes Jela even more special because she’s from all the people I love dearly!

So after taking her back to Tiendesitas for grooming, and also to get her birth certificate (12.25.11 – CHRISTmas!!!!!), we finally took our baby HOME…

The nice breeder who gave me a HUUUUGE discount!!
(believe me, he got the short end of our deal hehe)
Plus! I got a free girlaloo dress for dear Jela! <3
To contact him: 0922-8345554, 3471664 JOMAG
My happy Lavinia who bugged me every single day to buy a puppy for my birthday!! ;)
Even my tough, macho babyson had a soft spot for Jela.
He was the one who carried her all the way home, so sweet! <3
Ate let us all fawn & fight over Jela. She knew we were all excited, most especially ME!
And the finally it was her turn.. so patient! <3
Jela even has her own stuffed toy dog waiting for her so she doesn’t
get too lonely without the company of her siblings.
We all had a hard time leaving her last night. That’s gonna be one super spoiled puppy, I’m telling ya! ;))

Dear Jinia, we will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts. Thank you for Jela, I know you also had a hand in choosing her for us. May she give us as much joy & love as you have given us, your family. We love you so much, dear Virginia. Sweet dreams my baby! :-*

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