Yesterday, as my hunny was showing me a text message, I noticed he was having a hard time with the mouse ball on his phone. I tried it & it was the weirdest thing ever, he said I had to relax my grip because the ball had a mind of it’s own, haha! It doesn’t move to the direction that you want it to go!!! :P Alas, his phone has a terminal disease and is dying quickly!

I mentioned this to the kids as they have been racking their brain thinking of what to get their dad for his coming birthday. Their dad is mahirap bigyan ng regalo! @_@ Laging may comment, hay!

So off we went to town to get the new nokia dual sim phone. One thing you need to know, if you still don’t: my Hunny is kapitan K (K is for kuripot!) If he can get away with calling landline instead of cellphone, he will. So he needs a phone with dual sim.. one for cellphone access, the other for landline. And he MAKES ME have the same!! @_@ So our choice has always been limited to myPhone! And  don’t even get me started on THAT! :P

My phone, the myPhone!
I just had it g-masked to at least pimp it up a little!!! @_@
Our kids’ phones!, iPhone 4 & blackberry torch!!!
I feel so kawawa!!! ;))

So, the kids pooled in their savings & got their dad a nokia CT touch & type dual-sim phone, a step higher than his “possessed” myPhone haha! :P

Retails at 4.5k

After dinner at my mom’s, they were excited to give their gift to their dad na, even though it’s wayyyyy advance for his birthday!!! They waited outside for him as he came home from.. you guessed it. Tennis! @_@

My happy family <3 <3 <3
Surprise daddy!!! We have “take-out” for you!!!
It’s a PHONE pala!!! ;)
My loves! <3 <3 <3

My hunny is now painstakingly transferring all his contacts one by one, AGAIN, hahaha!! :P I hope he gets to transfer ALL before we watch a movie tonight, or he’ll be doing it the whole time in the cinema while the 4 of us watch!

Watching Horrible Bosses tonight for our family date! m/

Oh.. and remember my babyson’s ex-girlfriend??? @_@ She’s at it again with the barrage of “anonymous” texting & inboxing!!! She even sent her self (yes!!!)flowers in the hope of making someone jealous. HELLO!!!! Move on, puhleeze!!!

So funny how we bumped into this title as we were buying the card at National! ;))
Couldn’t resist. Just had to have my picture taken, hahaha!
This is my “FIERCE” look! :P

Sigh! Love makes people crazy, I swear! ;))

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