Hello Bones!

I’ve seriously enjoyed the past week, shoulder pain aside. The kids had no school & were with me 24/7. My hunny stayed home (well most of the time anyway)- partly due to injury haha. Time just zipped by so fast.

Now that the kids are back in school, and my hunny is once again busy, I’m left alone with my blogging -and feeling a little blue. I seriously need to get a life! @_@

My throbbing shoulder is not helping. I’ve been to 2 doctors & so far the pain killers they have prescribed still aren’t working (Arcoxia, Tramadol, you are so not my friends!). It helped when the kids were here, I was a little distracted. I had them fussing over me, so I was quite delighted! ;)) But now that it’s so quiet, it’s like my shoulder is calling out to me & begging for attention, sigh!

Plus side is I got to see my bones again, in all those layers of fat, haha! ;))

I’m glad nothing is broken!

The doctors say it’s probably a muscle tear & will take another week or 2 for the pain to subside.. SERIOUSLY??? @_@ asdfghjk!!!! :((

Thank you Lovey for deciding to stay home today to take care of me & keep me company. What will I ever do without you? I love you baby!!!! :-*

PS-If you think that’s bad, just look at my hunny’s big bruise due to muscle tear haha! :P Yes, the wave caused this!!! @_@

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