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Heart to Heart

One night not so long ago, Kap & our bunso had a heart to heart. They don’t do this often. I think the last time they had one was over 2 years ago when my Lovey just transferred school & she didn’t want to stay. They had a long discussion but the matter remained unresolved & hanging.

And now we’re back at that same bridge. So father & daughter had a heart to heart again. I was there to be the interpreter because of the language barrier. Inglisera kasi si bunso, mag-nosebleed na naman si Kap my Kap. Joke! (1/2).


I was there to give Lovey my 101% support. I don’t know why but she & her father never had an open line of communication. They’d small talk, sometimes grunt at each other, but most of the time they are in the same room but not minding one other. Either Kap is talking to me, or the kids are talking to me. Seldom to each other. Hindi uso sa bahay namin ang daddy’s girl. They are all Mommy’s girls & Mama’s boy. Oh wait, si Jela pala, natatanging daddy’s girl! :P

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When it comes to the kids, it has always been me, the mother, whom they turn to. For everything -big, medium, small or extra small. I’m gone 5 minutes they are already looking for me. Sometimes they won’t see their dad the whole day & they won’t even realize it until I bring up the matter.



This is why I cannot die yet. Hindi pa talaga pwede Lord, please. Their dad doesn’t know how to talk to them. His approach with them is always wrong. Either he drives them crazy or he’s always raising his voice. So the kids really don’t mind him. More often than not, they ignore him & take root in my corner.

Ako naman, kunsintidor. I’m the favorite so I’m a happy duck. But now I’m slowly seeing the error of my ways. Kap NEEDS to be able to talk to the kids without me as a bridge. The time will come that he has to cope by himself. What then? Who will the kids turn to?

I want to impose a date day between him & one of the kids at least once a month. They’d be forced to talk & get to know each other if it’s just the 2 of them. The thing is Kap is always so busy. Whatever time he has we use it for family time. Whatever time he has left he uses it for his sports activities. There is nothing left for a one-on-one.

Kaloka! I have to remedy this situation asap.


On another note, dear baby girl, I hope we made the right decision. Crossing my fingers that you will be as happy in your new environment as you were in your old one. 2 years is super fast, you’ll barely notice it, I promise. This is for the family, thank you for taking one for the team. I love you, welcome back to school my love!

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