Healthy Shabu Shabu

The zobelloids were half day last friday for reasons unknown to me- or them. I’m just happy they got out early, period. :P As usual, my prince had a hang-out of his own which involved high testosterone levels. So it was a fridate for my Lovey & I.

G/F New Entertainment Complex, Muntinlupa City
Tel 850-6976

Since it’s been raining heavily the past few days, we were in the mood for something soup-y. So HEALTHY SHABU SHABU it was!

Once in a while it’s nice to pretend-cook hahaha. If push comes to shove, the kids can live on soups -easy lang pala to make. Just boil, put in ingredients, and TADA! Food! m/

One order is HUGE. It comes with all sorts of veggies & squid balls. And we found the broth yummy, especially when you add the magic sauce which our clever server made for us in a jiffy.

Both our orders came with this platter of assorted veggies & squidballs.

My Lovey had the Beef Tenderloin Set 455 php which consisted of 8 beef strips on top of the assorted veggie platter.

While I had the Mixed Seafood A 530 php. Also comes with a mixed vegetable platter.

The special sauce which added a kick of added flavor to my soup base.

In fact, seeing we (I) didn’t know we were doing & everything was spilling from my pot -to my embarrassment, he cooked my food. :P My Lovey was a lot braver & cooked her own delicious hotpot.

My very helpful server who saw from the start that I didn’t know what I was doing haha.

My Lovey opted to do her own in spite of the talsik! How very brave! :)

And because we like to over order., we had something else on the side..

Steamed Dumpling 150 php. The skin was too thick. Otherwise it was ok.

The set doesn’t come with rice so my Lovey & I shared this yummy & plentiful single order of Mixed Fried Rice 235 php.

For dessert, I tried the japanese halo-halo. I love that it had some assorted fresh fruits as toppings.

We were soooo full after that we had to walk it off. But then again when will I ever learn that walking is bad for one’s health, lels! Couldn’t resist this baby, which my friend Rica calls the Minion Shades. ;)) I’ve been visiting it for some weeks now, staring at the window display. And just when I thought I was such a good girl with great shopping restraint, it called my name & hypnotized me into buying it. Next thing I knew I was holding a shopping bag! @_@

I have misplaced my Cartier “reserve” shades. Boo! We have combed every nook & cranny of our house but it seems to be hiding well. I normally just stick to 1 sunglass, it’s not my passion to collect. But I needed an extra one for my lighter bag which I carry when I’m just making a quick run & I don’t want to lug around my “maleta”.

I miss this sunglass so very much. I’ve had it since I was a dalaga it’s practically vintage huhu. I’ve kept it safe all these years & now it just went poof! But you know what they say about missing things. They normally crop up when you don’t look for them. I hope it comes out from its hiding soon! <!–3 

I told you walking on a full stomach is detrimental to your health -and your wallet! When you’re tummy is full, you are lulled into a sense of unexplainable happiness & peace and you succumb to temptaion easily, lels.

To “console” myself from an impulsive purchase, we went to the newly opened PINKBERRY for some yougurt comfort! :P

Strawberry yogurt, small, from Pinkberry. 160 php.

And you know what else happens when your tummy is full? You get SLEEPY! :P But we had to wait for the prince who was still in the mall with his friends. So we did the most logical thing.. we watched a movie & snuck in some zzzz’s! You can never say I’m not consistent, ha!

ABOUT TIME is a British romantic comedy science fiction film revolving around time travel where a young man tries to change his past to have a better future. Written and directed by Richard Curtis, starring Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy.
I really thought I could get some catnaps in between -because you know, Brit flicks CAN be bloody boring. But surprise surprise, I enjoyed the whole movie & didn’t find it dragging at all. Shed a few tears myself. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU WATCH THIS. <3

After a while, the 2 older kids finally caught up with us. That’s up next.. stay tuned! :)

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