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The series of bagyo that has been coming one after the other lately sure is creating havoc! Not only on homes & material possessions, but mostly on our health. :(

These past 2 months alone, everyone in my home has been sick & has been passing it on to each other like crazy!

I’m just so thankful that a mommy friend, Ivy, is always giving me advice on what to take. Aside from the Evening Primrose Oil that has really helped me a lot (I swear by this, guys. Believe me, my immune system has really booted up since I took this diligently. Nothing to lose if you try.) She also told me about the wonders of Throat Coat Tea & Throat Coat Pastilles for sudden onset of sore throat, just when it’s beginning.. which can be bought from Healthy Options.

Throat Coat Tea is a traditional slippery elm and licorice tea
with hints of orange, peppermint and cinnamon.
It helps not just with sore throat but also with colds.
Throat Coat Herbal Pastilles P549.00 at Healthy Options
Oral Pain Reliever for the Temporary Relief of Sore Throat Pain
Throat Coat® Herbal Pastilles contain menthol for effective temporary relief of minor irritation, pain, sore mouth and sore throat, as well as a concentrated extract of our clinically-tested Throat Coat® tea formula. 

Remember, I said I survived EVERYONE’s sickness at home, but then this last one from ate got to me na? (coz I lent her my asthma inhaler & I was too tamad to wipe it with alcohol after she used it, sigh!) As soon as I blogged about it & Ivy read it, she advised me to get the tea immediately, and I did. And my sore throat really did go away. So now I’m keeping a staple of each at home. And if you find this effective for you as well, you only have one person to thank.. Ivy! ;)

Ivy is my UST school mate. It’s so funny because her husband, Rene, was my classmate in college. But it’s only lately that Ivy & I have become friends since our kids are also classmates now. Funny diba? Such a small world talaga! :) I’m just so thankful that she is in my life now, she has proven to be so helpful in every mommy aspect of my life! ;)

Ivy, I hope you don’t mind that I put this picture of you :)
If you do, I’ll take it down right away, promise.
I just wanna say “THANK YOU” for all the wonderful advice you have given, & continue to give me.
Huwag ka magsawa, please? :-*
PS- Ivy also told me about the lagundi & coco nectar juice that can be bought in our village. But I haven’t had the chance to try those yet as I don’t know where to get them specifically! ;P Hopefully, when she reads this, she will tell me, haha! I wish she would start blogging already! She has so many wonderful ideas that I find sayang coz she shares only with the select few. Like her halloween costumes.. but that’s another story, for another day! (And it needs her permission of course!)
Stay safe everyone! :-*

Just as I thought, Ivy gladly shared with me her lagundi & coco nectar secrets! Thank you again, Ivy!!! ;) Okay, so the lagundi cough syrup you can get in mercury daw. The coco nectar..

Dr. Gerry’s Coco Nectar provides all the Amino Acids and Nutritional requirements of the Human Body to:
  • Multiply the strength of the Immune System.
  • Rejuvenate blood and keep blood vessels healthy.
  • Stimulate detoxification.
  • Promote natural weight loss.
  • Regulate heart, blood pressure and sugar levels.
  • Boost energy and maximize vigor and vitality.
  • Provide Anti-stress and anti-depressant elements.
  • Neutralize nervous disorders and promote healing sleep.
  • Supply anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory
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